Muskaan – A smile so pure.

This is the story of Muskaan.            IMG-20180403-WA0003Muskaan was around 3 years old when I first met her. She has beautiful brownish curls for her hair and light coloured eyes and a very rosy cheeks, her innocent beautiful smile adds to her cuteness and matches her name. Muskaan the very name brings smile to the person who calls her.

But her life was not one of the happiest as her father was a boisterous drunkard and her mother a way ward lady. Muskaan for one wasn’t even looked after properly. Most of the times she was found in dirty clothes, unkempt hair and dragging her ragged doll behind her.                      IMG_20180494_124244.jpg
Everytime I saw her, my heart melted for her. I looked into her eyes and lost myself many times. I stopped myself from asking her mother to give her to me at least for her better future. The poor girl shouted offensive words never even knowing the meaning of it, like a sponge she absorbed every words which were spoken by her parents during their daily drunken drama brawls. She, just like the kids of her age, imitated her parent’s language when she was in public.

IMG_20180494_124209I was surprised she could retain her innocence irrespective of the fact she was in the midst of boiling tea pot kind of family.
Inspite of what was  happening around her she went on dragging her rag doll behind her. When she was hungry and if her mum was not around, she was usually locked up in the bunker like room, which they call their home. She was either made to sleep when her mother went away to meet up somebody or she was given to her neighbours till she came back. She roamed around the street like this, without any one looking after her.                IMG-20180403-WA0005.jpg
I first saw Muskaan, in an acquaintance’s house, she had come with her mother there. The first time I saw her I couldn’t take my eye’s off her. She was that cute, I asked her name, and she coyly replied Muskaan. She asked me to get her the biscuit which was on the table,


I got her one, and she showed her other hand for another biscuit. When I gave her another one she took it from me and ran away gobbling on it. That is when the lady who was sitting near me told Muskaan’s story. Seems she was their neighbour and she looked after her when Muskaan’s mother went for her outings.

I was on a short visit to that city, and I left that place after my visit. I still think and wonder about her. I tried enquiring about her once to their neighbours as to how is Muskaan. I heard that they were vaccated from the bunker that they called their home as they had failed to pay their rent past few months. The father had lost his job due to his drinking episodes and last I heard they had returned back to their native place.
I still think about her everytime I see children her age. Is she well? Would her parents care enough to give her the education every child deserves? Would she retain her innocence irrespective of her life situations?


I pray and hope the smile still retains on Muskaan’s lips as she coyly says her name. I pray wherever she is, she is happy and loved by people around her. God Bless you my sweet little Muskaan.         IMG-20180403-WA0007.jpg

Author: anamikaisblogging

Uhmm! What do I say abt myself. Love to read, write, watch tons of movies and loves music. Educated enough to enlighten a few things to a few some who shows the interest to listen. This is me in a nutshell. Will let out little by little, like the cat out of the bag. Ok I think it's time to let out one more passion of mine, which I as much love as writing, and that is cooking. Trying out different new recipies with a slight variation added of mine makes my culinary skills a little adventurous cuisine.

84 thoughts on “Muskaan – A smile so pure.”

  1. Okay, This was really something breathtaking I read. And I pity these kind of parents who can’t even take care of their own child. I wish she’ll soon grow into a wise woman who is well aware of her surroundings . Eh?

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    1. Let’s hope too, at least for her sake. Things are a bit different and difficult especially if u r a girl child born into a low economy family in this part of the world I live. But as u told i hope she makes it up one day to write her own successful story.

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      1. To sympathise and empathise with them itself shows u are a very kind hearted person. ☺ Tdy’s medical field needs empathising upcoming doctors like you. Who knows in the future u might b able to help out a child like Muskaan? So i pray that this tenderness of your heart remains forever.

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      2. No worries dear! Infact I was never a social media person to be very frank. But blogging is something which led me to this very new and genuine world where I connected with many ppl all around

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      3. I understand. Because of this sometimes even I need to think and post. But then again I feel why restrict ourselves? Why not let the world know what we learnt from life and so that they too can apply. And that’s my prime reason to use social media.
        You never know whom you might be inspiring 😊

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      4. Haha .. Like how u inspired me to write a Haiku via ur blog. That’s why I don’t mind the blog as I learn a lot from here too. Otherwise u carry on. I think I am more of a private peeson. But co bloggers like u and me share a common interest that is writing .

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  2. Whenever I read such stories my heart cringes a little. We are so engrossed in our own lives, we don’t really know every person we come across has their own stories. Thank you for sharing the story of Muskaan, I hope people become more considerate and humane by reading this.

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    1. I agree with you on this Neha. Consideration for others makes us human. Especially during these times when everytime we watch a news channel we only see rapes.of 8 year old or rape of a minor girl in the name of caste, creed and religion. What is the mistake of the children that they are born in those caste or religion that they shld be.brutally punished. A girl of 8 has hardly seen the world, yet to loose her innocence she has lost her life in the most horrible and un imaginable way. It’s very depressing and sad.

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      1. I get so disturbed reading about the horrifying things happening around us. Innocent girls like them have no idea what is happening and why it is happening. Individually what we can do is be aware and protect each other and not let the world know that girls are not weak!

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  3. Heartbreaking.

    I remember a similar counter with a small girl. She used to stay roadside near my office. Whenever I used to get down for snacks, she used to rush towards me and hold one of my fingers. With a cute smile, she used to say, “Bhaiya, mujhe bhi chahiye” (Brother, even I would need one”). I couldn’t see for a few days. When enquired, I discovered that she was sent to some orphanage. Wherever she is today, I pray for her !

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      1. And imagine, we still call our land Bhatat Mata and doesn’t hesitate a minute before calling our daughters ghar ka laxmi. But can’t think of an eight year old girl child as an innocent kid b4 tormenting her to death. Wah kya zamana aagaya. Dar lagta hein baahar niklne mein aur bachon ko school thak bechne mein. Dar lagta hein apne desh se aur apne desh wasiyon se bhi . I really wonder where our country is headed to under the current leadership.

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      2. I can totally understand the tension and apprehension in your voice but more than leadership its us, the men who are responsible.

        The reason these innocence flowers are crushed before even they bloom is our ignorance towards them. The media, the politicians and some of us are so busy on making these incidents a bait for political play that we forget about the innocent victim

        We would need to take the matter in our hand. I wrote a blog called “ We are there”. If everyone follows it, trust me my friend, you would be able to breathe in a fear free and rape free India.

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      3. I would surely. I can totally understand and being a man, I take the blame as girls are not able to feel secure. But trust! these anti social elements would soon be put to end !

        Just a kick is needed for all to unite and stand against them. God bless!

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    1. Once again we meet in a heartfelt written post. This also is close to my heart. This time too when i visited this place, I enquired about her. Nobody knows anything but they have moved back. That little girl’s face still haunts me….

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  4. Heart wrenching ! Narration of the events extraordinary !

    My tear glands in the eyes have refused to function any more,since they surpassed their capacity and my eyes started becoming dry.

    No more tears left to cry. But my expression continues to be a crying face. My people tell me that I look like a tragedy King.

    How many tiny tots still there in this heartless world,suffering silently?

    Can not this be a just story for the sake of story please ?

    Let this not be a true story please ?

    Tell us that this is not a true story.

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    1. I am sorry to break your heart …but it’s a true event I witnessed first hand. I cursed myself a million times not for asking her mother to give her to me. She would have readily i think for she hardly cared for her. But the law wouldn’t side me ,i knew. For my Muskan’s sake i am wishing against wish she is well and happy and is still retaining her innocent smile.
      It’s a pity when there are so many couples without children and yearns for one, someone who has it doesn’t recognize the blessing.
      I am sorry. Pardone moi. Making you tragic king was not my intention at all….considering your tender heart nxt prose post will make your people say you are a Happy .. Leave that to me.☺

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      1. Merci
        And Good decision by you since this can make me avoid ‘DRY EYES SYNDROME’…
        Let there be some farak….from the routine tragedy situations, since the limited time of ones life is already busy with difficult and helpless situations….thoda change be rahna for a change na …
        Million thanks since this time We are blessed with a ‘Happy ever after’ stories…courtesty ; Graceful Lady’

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  5. Unfortunately Anamika, there are so many innocent ‘Muskaan’ in India and you will find them everywhere,railway station, dhabas, and so called literate people make them work in their house. Sometimes I really wonder if India and Indians are really progressive..

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  6. When I started reading I had a smile on my face bt after completing…
    Muskaan… Most of Indian people r in poverty…
    Well ur writings skills made me feel ur words..
    If I offer some sympathy or anything it will be useless…
    Actually, Fate & the people of India r responsible for this plight… I don’t think her parents r at any fault…
    Her father whatever job he did, wouldn’t be much… He had other problems also. .. He started drinking…
    The girl Muskaan certainly deserves happiness…
    Well, Im just thinking now… I need some time to think…

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      1. Ab kya bolu Mai, it was a good coincidence ki uska Naam muskaan tha… Everywhere we will find many such muskaans & even little boys bt mai kya Kar sakta hu… Even though I can do something … We r just good fr nothing..
        It just reminds me of the reality life is just like this…

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      2. What good will my hope do, without efforts any prayer or hope is not of much use… We can’t do anything alone that is y we r called humans…

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  7. Im also curious about hw did u find the girl? U visited a city & came across a Girl? Someone told u her story also… I c that it is very interesting…

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      1. Not like that, I mean when we visit a place, we generally don’t meet any kid? Or do we?… & this wasn’t the first time u met a kid, many even kiss u… Y?
        Suni hui Kahani toh itni interesting nahi likh pate hai…

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      2. Haha…u don’t meet kids probably because you are not much interested in them, but I trodding along with my elders always have a chance to meet them.
        Suni Hui Kahani bi likh sakthi hun lekin not to this emotional involvement as I had when I experienced this first hand.


      3. So I should become a babysitter or a school teacher so that I will be surrounded by kids 😂…
        There must be a reason u get a chance of meeting them many times?

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      4. Yeah in a day care Centre one doesn’t think of adoption 😏… Y can’t u just shed some light on it? It is not very personal…

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      5. I can feel it is written by ur hand & hw u really wanted to see the girl happy… Maybe u could have asked her parents to give muskaan to u… Or sponsored her education or something maybe…
        This is what I want to do bt I don’t earn at the moment 😢

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      6. I could have sponsored her education but she was hardly 3 years old when I met her and was too young to attend a school. If at all I gave the money to her parents, I was sure it will never be used for her. And adopting her was out of question as Indian laws do not encourage single ladies adopting a girl child who has both her parents living and are young enough to support her.


      7. U know about the Indian law of adoption, were u thinking of adopting someone or?
        Well, I don’t get that if anyone has the parents consent y can’t the child live with anyone else? I don’t think in most foreign countries any such law would be there…
        OK, a heartouching experience u got and gave us bt nowadays even 3 year Olds r enrolled in kgs & playschools….😅

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      8. Nobody knows hw she is today & probably nobody will either in the future 😢..
        Law is not implemented well in India & laws can certainly be amended, if u have the parents consent, who will go & file a case against u?
        I think there r some child welfare homes also fr kids who’s parents neglect them or can’t bring them up…
        I think u didn’t have much time to do anything or else u would certainly done something…

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