Déjà vu

Have I been here before,
Or is that a déjà vu I feel,
Why do this feeling become so real,
That I have stood in this shore.                        IMG-20180222-WA0009.jpg

The time wheel stopped some while ago,
When I did come across my fate,
Face to face death dared me to a date,
The world crashed around me along with my ego.


Will it sound like a cliché,
When I say this, we are like a fading flower,
Inspite of a beautiful bloom we wither,
To be remembered as no more than a dear one’s wish.


A lifetime passes away without a realisation,
Of the temporary abode we live in,
Failing to see the moment we begun,
Regretful, forgetful, doubtful all this in boastful equation.


The toothless grin of a child reminds us of the beginning,
Where the purity of innocence reflects through the child’s smile,
The world again shrinks once more in a lifetime, while;
This time the toothless grin is of the time ahead of a life’s ending.


Does this sounds like a déjà vu this time,
When the scene all over repeats,
Something says this time, no regrets,
When once more the clock of time chime.


Lo! Behold stands my heavenly Paradise,
Requirement is simple yet complex,
Spiritual restoration with a gentle coax,
Spirit of gentleness kindly lead me to my heaven so nice.      IMG-20180222-WA0021


Live and Let Live

Live and let live. This should be the right mantra for the current scenario in India. Intolerance has reached its peak in our country. All our news channels and the media stands as a witness to the above statement.                         IMG-20180216-WA0000

        What happened to the Democratic country we were so proud of till a few years back. The word Democracy has lost its meaning in the current situation. People have started to become intolerant to one another and have started to show special interest in the colour of flags, where some prefer orange to anything else, others prefer their green dearest where else some swear by red. The combination of the orange along with the green and white as a medium of peace has lost it’s sheen. Where have we ended up?                            IMG-20180216-WA0005.jpg
What happened to our bygone era, when all our neighbour’s festival was our festival when it was diwali we too fired crackers along with them and sweets were exchanged from here to there,                         IMG-20180216-WA0004.jpg

Christmas meant hanging stars irrespective of being Christian or not, Ramzan meant hot biriyanis from neighbors. Have we lost it all? How beautiful were those days when all could sit together for gatherings irrespective of the religion and there were still common topics to talk about, the children’s progress, the ailing parents health, the career and little gupshups of the neighborhood.                         IMG-20180216-WA0001

                Have we lost our right to speak, right to emote, right to express in this country? A country which has produced great speakers, writers and great leaders. Is it becoming a place where we have to think twice before doing anything or even to speak anything?

Fundamental right to stand up for oneself is being questioned, isn’t it high time we all stood up as one neighborhood, one society, one state and one country against this injustice?                 IMG-20180216-WA0009

When a movie named Padmavati had to fight the whole lot of rascals and ruffians who stood against the movie in the name of a particular community and religion they failed to realise that the more they shout on their rooftop the more the publicity the movie got. The protesters where yelling their throat and burning the public properties without having any idea as to what the movie even contained. Poor director shouted on top of his voice to all the deaf but loud hooligans that there is nothing in the movie which would hurt the sentiments of any community for that matter.                        IMG-20180216-WA0011

If it was the orange that protested then, now the geeen has taken up the task by protesting against a movie from a far end state of India in the name of hurting religious sentiment. A movie which had become an overnight sensation with a wink of a teenage girl in an innocent flirtatious manner caught the attention of the green party and now the whole lot objection is about the song which belongs to a community and religion which is playing in the background when the poor girl winks and the boy goes awestruck and boom. The director of the movie ‘Oru adaar love’ is now on all the channels justifying his movie, the song in question and the whole winking sequence.              IMG-20180216-WA0010.jpg
When did we as citizens of this great country became so intolerant towards such minutest of incidents. When we from being a friendly neighbour became such a boisterous crowd. Isn’t it time that we realised what kind of people we have become in the name of religion, community, and politics.

Is it the same country which boasted of great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, who taught us to be tolerant, Mother Teresa the saint as she has been honoured now, who taught us to love each other irrespective of cast, colour and creed by doing it herself, Abdul Kalam the great Indian scientist and one of the dearest President of our country, who always encouraged the youth of this country to excel and make a better tomorrow for the nation.                       IMG-20180216-WA0012
Isn’t it, the right time, we have rised above this situation and snap out of the hallucination of this current socio political influence and raise up our voice in unison against any threat or hindrance which destroys the harmony and peace of our country. Isn’t it our duty to make our country famous once again not for the wrong reasons but for being the largest Democratic country.
Live, love, laugh. For who has seen tomorrow? Live our life and let others live their lifes too. And let the young still say “Mera Bharat Mahaan” this time with only one flag the true Indian flag with orange, green and white which stands universally for peace.


A Wild Phase of Life

Is it a fragment of my imagination,
Or is it real and am I in fascination,
Oh, May be I am day dreaming,
A vision in a dream, and it is illuminating.


What ever phase I am in, it feels like a trance,
I am unable to make any sense,
Of my belonging and my essence,
Last of all, what I need is none of these nonsense.                           IMG_20180244_014301

So many years of living, a kind of life, has passed ,
Now another phase of living started,
And I start all over from the scratch,
To build everything over batch by batch.                           IMG-20180213-WA0002

Stages of life passed and somehow in a slow pace,
I seem to have crossed relevance of time and space,
Do these haunt my inner self and my mind,
This question is deep down and it is making me blind.                            IMG-20180213-WA0006.jpg

Obvious to the fact, that I restored,
My esteem, my entity, myself and all what I adored,
Oblivious to the passage of time this while,
I became absorbed by a lonely maiden’s smile.                        IMG-20180213-WA0007.jpg

And I still wonder whether it is a wild  fragmentation,
Of my over enthusiastic imagination,
Or is it real, in my life not a fabrication,
Will some body pinch me, just for a realisation.                     IMG-20180213-WA0008

Peek -A-Boo

Sometimes, my thoughts just wander away. I lie down at times looking at my ceiling, and my thoughts just wander away. What if it had happened like that, what if I had done it like this, kind of thoughts. Some times I wished I had a different life altogether. This life what I live right now could have been different, but it didn’t and that is the truth; I should learn to live the truth . And the earlier I learn and accept that, the better.                       IMG-20180205-WA0001All the pain I endure, teaches me something but I find it hard to accept it as a gain. There are days I get up and wish, if things were just normal. I wish all what I go through now is just a bad dream, and I wake back to my normal self. And I just sigh a long relief and say, Thank God, it was just a dream. But, nothing like that ever happens, and I still go through all the pain.

Very many times, We may ask some questions, of which we might not know the answers. I remember hearing Bob Dylan’s ‘ The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.’ in my mind over and over. Ya! Whatever that means. What do I do with the answers which is blowing in the wind? Of what use are those answers to me which doesn’t make any real sense to me.

We all bury our secrets within us. And the deeper the burial, the darker the secret. Some times all these burials and dark secrets can make us feel so empty.  But it has to remain that way for the betterment. Betterment of us and our loved ones I suppose. As they say, its a human sign, when things go wrong, we tend to hide our true feelings and cover it up all. And then we kind of withdraw into the caves we make for ourselves. For sometime we can try to patch up, but you can’t erase the past. It catches up some how with you, at least in your mind.

But, isn’t it a fact that were it not for some of the many things we have had to endure, we would not look at things with the depth that we do now. In a way, bad things are good, if only because they give the good its meaning. And we really value and cherish the good things in life.                              IMG-20180204-WA0000.jpgWe all make choices in our life, but the hard part is to be living with them. Some battles are worth fighting for, some leave us scarred for life. Battles fought within are the toughest. At some point you have to choose between life and fiction. Its two different things. A complete contrast of each other.

Happiness have always played peek a boo with me in my life. It always has been the vibrant flower at the end of the long stem swaying along with the wind playing hide and seek from my sight. It sometimes comes with all its colour and vibrance and dances in front of me. And then when I slowly sways along, it disappears from my sight and hides itself and I get stuck in my place.


I thank God the Almighty for those glances of happiness in my life for me to go on and survive in this world. During the density of the problems I find this peek a boo of happiness in my life an inspiration and I aspire to do something different within my capacity. Life with all its difficulties becomes worthwhile because of such light moments in it. And the people behind these light and supportive moments becomes the pillar of strength given by the Almighty in your weakness like a caring hand always ready to hold you if and when your legs give away.                                IMG-20180204-WA0002

Inspiration can come from anything, even from as small as a honey bee or a struggling ant carrying its food to just a conversation you over hear during your daily commute. Open a window, if no doors opens infront of you and breathe in all the fresh air and all its freshness offered along with tons of vibrant and new positive energy and let out the stale air which had been suffocating you from within. And smile, for you have been blessed to see one another day in your life, live in the moment and soak in the bliss of the moment as happiness is just around the corner waiting to play peek a boo.                     IMG-20180205-WA0002




Fake Identity

A fake smile, a fake hug, all to please people,
There are times we fake even a dimple,
Just to belong to a bracket of society,
All this with a wide fake generosity.


A fake hello, a fake nod of acknowledgment,
All made up for other person’s enjoyment,
At the cost of one’s heart bleeding,
Just to show them of our belonging.


Was it the raindrops on your face, in the rain,
Or was it a teardrop that I saw, when you stood in the rain,
You were always good at faking happiness,
When all what was happening in your inside was sadness.


Tear away the mask you wear so often,
Put out your real face, let it not become an orphan,
Do you have to cover up your life with a veil,
For don’t you too want to simply sail?


Is it the people’s judgment you fear,
Is that why the mask of well being you wear,
Fear not, I hear the voice inside,
But its the exact opposite I feel outside.


Will you let me inside you, if not others,
Let me wipe the tears away with peacock feathers,
Be true, to me, your ownself with dignity,
For once, drop away your fake identity.


Do you believe in love at first sight? I for sure didn’t; till the day I met him. I still remember the day I saw him, Lo! There he stood all of a sudden, just 10 to 15 feet away from me. I saw him first, and couldn’t take my eyes away even for a second. But fearing the crowd who stood with me in the bus stop, I looked away only to return my glance at him with out anybody noticing . This went on till he noticed me. I stood stuck to the ground for sometime. My heart skipped a beat. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. I forgot, everything around me, why was I there in the first place? Everything went out of focus except me and him. And our eyes locked with each other.

Slowly he started to walk towards me. And I started to shiver from head to toe, no – nobody would notice that shivering, as it happened inside me. I wondered what to do if he came near me. Should I just avoid his glance, and look away as if I was not interested. Oh no! My heart didn’t agree to that; for I longed for him as much as he longed for me or more. He was nearing, I was shivering. And then he came and stood beside me and looked at me with eyes full of love for me. As if he was declaring his dedication and profound love for me with his eyes. Tell me which girl in this world can resist that.

I too couldn’t and didn’t think twice, I scooped him up in my arms, unmindful of people around me. To hell with all of them and the society. I am his, and he is mine, I decided.


By then, he had started to lick all of my face and hand, and was uncontrollably shaking his tail and shivering with excitement. Without even thinking twice, I called him Cadbury, for he was chocolate brown in colour, my very own Indian Mongrel breed puppy. It was love at first sight for both of us.



Role Reversal – A Short Story

Lily had gone to visit her office assistant’s wife who was admitted for a minor surgery in the Government aided hospital. That is when she saw that girl, who must have been around 10 to 12 years of age. The girl had a small little parcel in her hand. And she ran up the stairs, knocking down who ever came in her way. She almost knocked her down too. The automatic reaction of Lily, was to shout after the rushing kid, asking her what was the rush. Lily heard a ‘sorry aunty’ from the top floor above her, the kid’s frail voice drifting away.                              IMG-20180124-WA0001
When Lily came after two days, to the hospital to check on her office assistant’s wife, as she was genuinely concerned about them and being not much educated, they leaned on her for interpretation of doctors medical instructions. On the entry gate, she saw a small van like vehicle with it’s dicky open and lot of parcel’s were being distributed to those who were assembled near the vehicle. On enquiry to the security of the hospital, she got the information that every noon and evening free food were distributed among the poor attenders and inmates of the hospital.                           IMG-20180124-WA0007
And that is when Lily saw that small girl a second time. Her little frail body wriggling into the already accumulated crowd. Somehow the girl managed to snatch a parcel from the distributing man and she took off on her feet ready to knock down anybody who came on her way.                             IMG-20180124-WA0003

Curiosity got the better off Lily . And she followed the little girl, trying to match up to the speed of the tiny little feet which just took off with a mission.                              IMG-20180124-WA0004

     Lily almost caught up with her as the little girl ran into the general ward. And Lily saw her approaching a bed in the corner of the general ward, where a woman was lying down.                                IMG-20180124-WA0005
And what Lily saw next bought tears to her eyes. The girl sat beside the woman and opened the parcel she had brought, and started to feed the woman on the bed. Lily became rooted to the spot where she stood.                         IMG-20180124-WA0006
Lily casually asked the nurse who crossed her, about the girl. The nurse answered “Oh! That’s Anu and her mother, they don’t have anybody else to call their own, so Anu takes care of her mother, and feeds her. Anu’s mother had a tumour in her brain and after the operation, the right side of her body became paralyzed. Now Anu is taking care of her mother’s needs as and how she can. She runs all the way to the food van and back as she knows that is the only food her mother can get. Anu takes care of her Amma, as if she is the mother and not the other way around.
As Lily slowly walked away from the ward, the picture of the daughter feeding the mother stood in front of her eyes and her lips muttered ‘Child who became a mother to her own mother.’