Mystique Love

The rains that fell on my life in the form of you,
Made a river out of the love which poured out of you,
Many a dreams of my night just became extinct,
The moment you touched, my inner soul in a way distinct.


What is that you seek from me,
What is that I seek from thee,
And what is that we seek from ourselves,
Without an idea we flow like a river in a state of oneself.

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Do you know this state of mild intoxication,
To life it brings so much of wild satisfaction,
Never knew that falling in love with a clause,
Could bring my world to a state of mystical pause.


All the darkness of mine brimmed up with your light,
The heart of mine filled up with seasons so bright,
Once again I moved like a deer, swiftly and lite,
Flew, high up in the ever blue sky like a kite.


The window to my soul opened through your eyes,
The wind brought your scent from afar skies,
The twilights turned into never ending nights,
Lead to forbidden mysteries of silky delights.

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Time and Again…

Time and again I ask myself, Is this worth it,
Time and again I ask myself, why make a fool of yourself,
Time and again I repeat the same mistake with my heart,
Time and again, I hurt myself and my heart like a fool.

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Love beckons from unknown sources, but no,
Alas, my heart seeks the known hurt and pain,
Like a fool, I end up at the same doorstep,
Where, I know, this will never last a lifetime.

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Why does this happen, I wonder?
Why is unattainable, so alluring?
Why the heart wants, what it can’t get?
Why do I induce so much pain for myself?


Am I my own enemy, I wonder,
For no one hurts me, like I hurt myself,
I always seek what I can’t get, ending up with,
A scarred heart and one more frozen memory.

Oblivious Obvious Musings…

Oblivious Obvious Musings…

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If I am the voice, then you are my song,
A song I want to sing lifelong,
If you are the ocean, then I am the wave,
Hide me forever in your arms just like a babe.


Over the bridge, I wait for those tender moment,
Like a Hornbill bird thirsts for the first rain,
Life with all it’s harshness, couldn’t my spirit drain,
The free spirit breeds in me still, may be a tad dorment.


Somedays passed by, without much words,
Cause the language of silence cut across like a dart,
There are days, when I felt the burden of your heart,
Yet the presence mattered, inspite of the delicate loads.


I look up and see the blue sky with twinkling stars,
And I wonder what fate has for me except these scars,
One thing I know, stories has an ending,
But in life, every ending is just a new beginning.


So, here I go on just like a never ending song,
A song, I wish you would sing lifelong,
Entangled in a web, yet entwined within oneself,
Deep like an Ocean, hiding away the wave forever in itself.


Reality Bytes…

Are you the new moon in my life?
Or are you the hush breeze on my skin,
Are you the rose which bloomed in my twilight?
Or are you the dessert rose in my sandstorm.


Hold on, for I am not giving in,
So long, I have been chasing this dream,
There is water under the bridge,
But we can cross it when we come to it.


I felt my old self, with you by my side,
Whom I had lost years ago, in an unknown zone,
Life felt like sunshine once again after a decade,
Like a sun loving sunflower, I seeked you.


Don’t you trust me, or yourself for that matter,
Why this has to be just a dream?
Why can’t it be the certainty of tomorrow?
Life is not fair, I agree, but we are special too.

I can’t promise a thing, you needn’t promise too,
But this is not about promises,
Just an understanding, between you and me,
You’ll be there for me when I need, just like how I’ll be for you.


The Evolving Role Of Media In Indian Politics.

Media is the fourth pillar of democracy. It is a mirror of society and a powerful tool in checking the implemention and abuse of laws. Although the Indian constitution does not have an exclusive act defining the liberty of the press but it is evidently included in the freedom of speech and expression under the Article 19 (1) (a).


Media, a derivative of word medium meaning carrier, reports news, provides information and analysis on issues and creates awareness among masses. The fundamental function of media, both print and mass media, is to inform people, educate them and guiding the society. Newspapers satisfies the queries of public by answering the questions of what, when, where, why, and how the events happened and who are participants in various happenings. Media is easily accessible by all walks of people. It keeps people updated as information about everything and from everywhere is provided within seconds. Media plays an active role in raising awareness on human rights, apart from other civil and political rights and helps in mobilizing people to recognize and protect human rights and bringing perpetrators to justice. By reporting and denouncing cases of human rights violations and other criminal cases and discussing punishments according to laws, media helps in bringing down the incidences of abuse and violation.


These are the real role of Media in society, but is it that what Mass Media doing now in the current political scenario? Isn’t it time we asked this question to ourselves? What are our opinion about politics today… exactly what Media is feeding us now…. in fact in a frenzy they are trying to feed us what to think and what should be our action based on what we are fed by them.


Media in any form is very influential…. be it the old age Newspaper medium, Broadcasting Media like Radio and Television.Then there is the ever favourite Medium of Cinema, And now to top it all the ever actively vibrant Social Media which has tremendous influence and reaches in the public’s hand within seconds by just a touch of a smart phone.

It’s high time Media understood it’s responsibility. How conveniently all the news broadcasting channels are manipulating every small issue done by the opposition party and in doing so kind of feed us the most manipulated news that the ruling party( whoever is in power at that time) is the best in the current scenario… A common man at the end of his day sitting in front of any such media just gobbles up what is being fed to him….People are made to forget the steeping fuel price increase by the petroleum ministry, so many suicides of poor farmers who couldn’t bear the heavy burden of the loans when rich business men loot the banks of millions . The cow lynching and the darkest hour of an 8 year old being gangraped in a temple….. , the Nirbhaya case and everything was just wiped off from the people’s mind.. How rightly it’s said that Public Memory is short …just till another incident is being fed to them.


The best example of the media frenzy in helping the people decide whom they should cast their vote for is the loud and boisterous debate they call as Chat show.. and the latest cinemas like the Accidental Prime Minister and the surgical strike based movie Uri all are released just a couple of months before the General Election in April -2019 .


All what we need is common sense to understand what is the real intention behind all these. So stop..think….act..before it’s too late. Jai hind…

Christmas Bliss And Blues.

A Morning of bliss and blue merry bells,
A Morning of anticipation, of the new born’s tales,
A day, which bring forth glad tidings for mankind,
A day, which teaches us to be like the saviour, loving and kind.


Riding the rein deers comes the Santa to award the good,
Have you been good enough to be on his list of could,
The Serenading doing it’s round with the Carols,
Spreading the cheer and their mesmerizing singing patrols.


It’s the season of decorated pine tree,
A reminder of the birth of him,who ended on Calvary tree,
It was love he taught us above all his commandments,
It was his love that saved us from the old testaments.


The day of celebration, and hope for all mankind,
For there is still goodness left in us, uniting us in bind,
The compassion, he showed on the sick and blind,
Teaches us to be the exact replica of the like mind.



A Rhyme – For the Rhythm of School life

Dear readers and fellow bloggers, “A Rhyme for the Rhythm of School life” is a joint effort by Chiru and Anamika at remembering the glorious and nostalgic evergreen School days and the growing up stage. This is our first collab and we immensely enjoyed doing it together. Hope all of you enjoy this and remember the glorious days of yours too while taking this trip with us..

Chiru as you all know, is an amazing blogger and have been inspiring other bloggers and readers with his inspirational posts and the ever helpful Health tips. His popularity among the readers is evident by his blog’s reflection on us. So please visit his Inspire&Change and enjoy his ever popular posts.

Thank you Chiru, for this opportunity to do a beautiful collab with you and for a beautiful walk down the memory lane.



A Rhyme – For the Rhythm of School life

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A walk down the corridor, of the memory of my school,
Gives me the best moment of my life, and I like the feel, .
I came as a tiny little girl to this institution,
Which laid down so much in me along with the basic constitution.


As the weather warmed up, entering the new class in excitement gave me  immense joy.
Stepping up the ladder of education one by one, along with games with favourite toy.
Fragrance of new uniform evoked a relaxing effect,
So does the new class room induced the cheerful effect.


The smell of the textbooks, still lingering,
The fear of exams, still frightening,
The sweet Shelly being read out in class,
And there among all, the child in me grew into a lass.


Every day home work, haunts me,
Playing cricket every evening saves me,
News watching, most irritating,
While Shaktimaan excites me stay in touch with television,
As the years passed, childhood faded away into the past.


All the happy and sad moments of high school,
The pimples and the giggles between the girls,
The words unspoken remained within the walls,
The pressure of growing up mixed with the feel of a fool.


As the teenage begins, the Stressful school work Startles,
Regional level sports opportunities starts..
A blossoming smile from crush helped to sail through evening extra classes,
From starting to end teenage was a mere excitement and experiments with the life,
They say these are just another two years, but those are the best memories of my life…..

Chiru & Anamika