Guest Post Series … 2

I am so happy to see this Guest Post Series is alive and kicking thanks to Mermaid who gladly accepted to share her beautiful writings here in this humble blog…. I welcome you a second time after your maiden attempt in the previous post ‘ Angels on Earth – We call them ‘ Mothers”. Her writings have a rare raw touch to the intense emotions felt by human beings. Hope you all enjoy her compilation. Thank you so much Mermaid for being a part of this blog.



Why one  feel Empty in heart,
Like a Sky With out stars.

Is this the darkness of insanity,
Just waiting for an opportunity.


Why there is silence in heart,
When there is voice in my soul.

Is this the numbness of heart,
When there is full fondness of love.


Why there is a dreath of desire,
When  there is perseverance of feeling.


Is this the never ending journey,
Towards the world of emptiness.


Why the life is overly tangled,
When there is longingness to to live.

Is this my life’s destiny,
Where I feel everything is empty ….

Written and compiled by

Mermaid …


Angels on Earth – We call them ‘ Mothers’

Guest Post Series … 1


Mother – A very special person in our life,
Who Hold a place, No one else can ever fill.


Mother – A very special friend in our life
Who always remain our best friend


Mother – A very special singer in our life
Whose songs still linger in our ears.


Mother – A very special Master Chef,
Who can cook the worst as the best.


Mother – A very special woman in our life,
Who enlightens the meaning of the word sacrifice.


Mother – A very special role model in our life,
Who I will proudly follow when I will be a mother.


Mother to whom I owe my life,
Who gave me birth into this beautiful world.

Written and compiled by


Brooding Blues…

Sylvia woke up that morning with a thought so deep that she wondered how is that she had not seen it coming. Standing at a turning point in her life she knew her choices need to be very carefully analysed. Burnt her fingers too many times and the last burn was a severe one. Life, she felt was never fair to her. It hated her guts and spontaneity of her approach to everything. It could never accept the chulbuliness in her.

images (54)

She had to pay a heavy price for her carefree attitude towards life. The lesson she learned very soon in her life was that ‘You are important to yourself more than anyone else. Other’s soon get tired of you.’


Leaving behind her bed she stood near her windows looking far across the cluster of trees and the chirping birds when her phone rang. And she knew her day has really begun and there is no point indulging in the past memories. She merged along with the hurry burry of the fast paced life. After all she still had to stay afloat in the middle of her life’s crisis. And she knew Life was never fair or kind to her. She was willing to take the bull by it’s horn. She realized once again life could never take away her inner grit. She wouldn’t be herself if that was taken away from her. She was born with it.

images (55)
After all Sylvia was the mythological God of the forest and meant the spirit of woods.

Photo Credit – Mermaid


A wonderful and meaningful post which I think is very much we all relate to in this crazy running around life.

Gift of God

“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give you.” (John 14:27)


The moment we read or utter the word ‘Peace’, the immediate thought that comes to our mind is ‘not being at war’. Just like the world understands the word peace as a situation where there is no war, we can say that we are at peace with ourselves when there’s no war waging within us. Therefore, the peace I want to stress here is the “Peace within”.


If there is to be peace in the world, it should start within us first. When we are at peace with ourselves, we will be at peace with others also.
Our mind is a battlefield where continuous battles are fought day in and day out. Battle between good and evil, right and wrong, doubts and fears, guilt and conviction, love and…

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Soul’s Rustles…

Rustles of wind in the air, morning breeze brought you along,
Swishing, whispering, rustling, the wind had perfume of you in the air,
Like a morning primrose bloom, the wind brought heart’s prayer,
All the way from far across the land, the wind brought you along.

images (34)

With your pretty pitter patter dainty little feet,
You draw a mastero’s brush streak as an aesthetic treat,
Like the early morning dream you make me yearn,
To fly high like you, in the higher sky, I too want to learn.

images (33)

Like the sun’s ray at dawn and dusk that glitter,
A warm welcome my sky gives to your flutter,
And as the sun slowly slides down yonder deep,
You caress the branches of the nature’s green to sleep.


The soul heard your song in the wind carried across like a flute,
The Piper singing his song, in the far away land of desert roses,
The wind carried you home back to me in the form of a fragrant poises,
For the time froze and waited for the blissful union in mute.

Passion On The Cross

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A Love so deep, a love so pure,
Like never have any mankind felt before,
What is that I have, that you bestow,
Such love, upon this life of mine so low.        IMG-20180329-WA0006

Weighed down by the troubles of the world,
When I rested below the tree, little did I know,
That would be the Calvary’s tree which would save me,
And Lo! On the Calvary cross lay my Savior who loves me.


What did you see in me, I ask again,
To the one who tells me his love for me is everlasting,
He smiles, a beautiful smile and beckons me,
To rest my head on his chest, close to his heart.


The love of my heart he knows, in the purest form,
For anybody who loved him had to be pure as he was pure,
The heaven came down for me, to wipe away my tears…

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