Crime Series – Part 1 – Chapter 6

The Freezing Moment 

It was some one else and when questioned the new security told they were always rotated in their services, and today was his turn here. Inspector got the phone number of the security agency’s office number and called them to confirm this information and got the name of the phone number and name of the security who was present during the mishap and got an assurance from the agency he can be contacted during an enquiry when and where needed. After finishing his job there, he went up to Shalini’s flat and was ushered in by the neighbour who was staying with Shalini’s grandmother till Mr. Anand and Priya came back from hospital. Granny came out from her bedroom. Even though she was much calm now, her eyes were swollen from all the tears she shed for Shalini. The Inspector had a few more questions for her.”Madam, I know it’s too early, to ask a few more personal questions to you regarding Shalini, but I am compelled in this circumstances as you know the situation is very sensitive.” “Yes Sir, I know, please ask, I will answer it all for the sake of my Shalu”. “What was Shalini doing in the terrace that early in the morning, I mean she was a small girl and it was her vacation, why should she be up so early in the morning? And how is that you didn’t know that she had gone out of the house? ” asked Inspector. ” Sir, she is a very active child, not like others, she is mostly up and about before 6am itself,and usually when her parents are there, she goes with her father when he goes for jogging in the morning in the apartment park. By the time my son finishes his jogging, she will be playing in the park and returns back with her father. She was a very popular child in this block and goes around without any restriction as she was welcome in every house. I have sleeping trouble, so I usually take sleeping pill before I go to bed, and everyone in the house knows that including Shalu, so nobody usually wakes me up, until I get up myself.”


“By all probability, Shalu would have got up at the same time as a habit pattern, and would have wandered about as she is familiar with all this territories, but who knew this would lead her to trouble”. She told this and broke down. “Ok Madam, thank you so much for your cooperation. Sorry to bother you. I will take my leave now” so saying he got up to leave, that’s when the doorbell rang. The neighbour went to open the door and her son rushed inside, and stopped in his track when he saw the inspector and hid behind his mother, the inspector patted the boy on his head on his way out to make him comfortable as he had noticed that he was very uneasy by his presence and the situation around him. Poor boy, he thought to himself, he must be missing his playmate.
The inspector retired for the day to his home. At home to he was engrossed with this case and was thinking in every angle. Next day morning, he got up early and left to the station earlier than usual. He was anticipating a long day and the events of yesterday to unfold the truth with the help of the CCTV footage, lab tests and postmortem report. He went in straight to his room in the station and started reading through the case file and he was about to close it up before his subordinate came in with his report about CCTV footage. Even though nothing much unusual was noticed the day Shalini died, he mentioned that security had done his rounds three times during that night and he was probably doing his fourth round in the wee hours of morning a few minutes before the unfortunate incident happened. Some morning joggers were doing there rounds and some morning walkers were also seen. He invited the inspector to have a look of the events of the hour of Shalini”s death. “As the Ruby block was one of the first blocks, the fall of Shalini was caught in the camera, the fall was very fast, kind of sudden; an expression of shock was registered on her face if you pause and zoom in Sir.” The subordinate told the inspector.

The inspector went to the computer room and ran through the footage once again carefully and agreed with his subordinate. There was surely a shocked expression on her face. It was then he received the call from the postmortem department, telling him the report was on it’s way and what next was told to him by the official of forensic department brought the same shocked expression which was on Shalini’s face freeze on his too. “What, are you sure?” the inspector was heard asking over the phone.

To be concluded in the next chapter


Crime Series – Part 1 – Chapter 5

Ease the Grief 

After talking hurriedly to the one on the other end of the phone, he cut the line and paced his room up and down, mumbling and rewinding things back and forth in his mind. Now all he had to do was to wait for the postmortem report, and the phone call he made to the higher officials just now would fasten up things a lot faster as he has demanded for a fast track result. He was known as the Super Cop in the department for no other reason but for his fastness and shrewdness in solving the cases. He wanted to question the other residents of the Ruby Block of Sunshine Apartment, but now it seemed futile, ahh.. if only the results came fast.
His thoughts were interrupted by his junior walking in announcing Shalini’s father inside his room.             IMG-20180605-WA0005

He looked devastated and a shattered man. For a minute, his heart melted at the sight of Mr.Anand Kumar. “Please, take your seat Sir, How is Shalini’s mother now?” asked Inspector to Mr.Anand. He sank down slowly into the chair opposite to the Inspector and told to Inspector trying hard not to break down into tears “Priya’s BP had dropped badly by the time we reached the hospital, but the timely intervention of the doctor saved her life, but she still is unconscious Sir, doctor says the news of Shalin’s death has left a deep impact on her. Shalu was the Apple of our eye Sir, she was the role model for all the children in our block, all parents wanted their children to be like Shalini, and every child longed to be as cheerfull as her. What could have happened to her? It’s as if some evil eyes were casted on our family.” “Please Sir, find out what happened to my daughter.” He requested with choked voice to the inspector. The Inspector came around to Mr.Anand and patted him on the shoulders and told, ” I can understand what you are going through Mr. Anand, for I too have a daughter of almost Shalu’s age, Shalini being your only child, for you it must be as if the world has crashed down around you and there is nothing more left. But let me assure you, Mr. Anand, this was no ordinary death of your child, my keen sense of perception had determined it the moment I saw the body. Our interrogation is going very strong and very soon, we will bring the criminal mind, behind all this in front of you and the society. Justice will be done to Shalini. I promise you that, you formally register an FIR with the Sub-Inspector and go back to the hospital, your wife needs you near, more than ever and leave the rest to us.” Mr. Anand left with grateful heart and folded hands.


It was almost 5:30pm by then. He couldn’t believe the day was getting over. He called his subordinate to check whether the CCTV footage of the Sunshine Apartment was collected. After getting an affirmative answer from him, the Inspector left instructions to go through every minute of the footage very carefully and report back to him with the results. So saying he left for the day. On his way back, he decided to drop in once again to the apartment,by now the shift of the guard must have changed and the watchman who found the body must have come for his night duty. He made a mental note of questions to be asked to him.
By the time he winded up all his work at the Station and came to the Apartments it was almost 7pm. He made the Police jeep to stop before the entrance so as not to seek the extra attention. That is when he saw the security, who was available in the morning shift, he was leaving as he finished the shift, on seeing the Inspector he gave a salute and stood. On enquiring he told the night security had arrived. He walked towards the entrance and knocked at the security room, as it was locked from inside while he was changing into his uniform. On opening the door of the security room, Inspector was shocked for a minute as he saw the person who opened the door.

To be contd….

Crime Series – Part 1 – Chapter 4

The Clue.

Before anybody could identify from which floor the sound came and respond to it, a small girl came running down, followed by her parents, telling she found Shalini’s favourite toy bunny torn into bits and pieces and hidden behind a flower pot kept in front of their house. For a second; the police couldn’t understand the blabberings of information the girl was trying to say in between the sobs. The police pacified the girl and asked her name.”Anita” she told. Then the inspector asked the girl to relax and take them to the place she found the toy. And Anita led them to her home enterance lobby where a few pots of plants like Tulsi, Money Plant, Jasmine and few varieties of Roses were maintained which was on the fourth floor. By now her parents also had joined the crowd. She pointed out the tattered soft toy from a distance.

The inspector carefully picked up the badly disfigured soft toy which was once a pinkish bunny with a gloved hand and sealed it carefully for evidence to be sent to forensic lab. The parents invited the police inspector inside their home, as Anita was feeling uneasy outside. So Inspector went inside and sat down and made Anita to sit down too near him and asked softly and gently,” Anita, will you help uncle by answering some questions. “Anita shook her head slowly and nodded a timid yes as an answer.


“Did you know Shalu”?asked the inspector to Anita. “Yes she was my friend, uncle” replied Anita softly. “And the toy, do you recognise it”? “Yes, uncle it’s Bunny, Shalu’s favourite toy, she was never seen without it” answered Anita. “Anita, how did you see bunny among the pots?” asked the Inspector. I was playing with a ball, hitting against the wall, uncle, in front of my house and the ball rolled away there while playing, so I went looking for it and that is when I found Bunny” Anita told the inspector. “You have done a great job, by telling everything to uncle. Now you can go inside, and let me talk to your parents.”said the inspector. Anita went to her room. The inspector thanked the parents of Anita, for helping to be a part of enquiry, and asked to be a little careful about leaving Anita alone outside at least till this case was solved.

Then he straight went to meet Shalini’s grandmother in the third floor. By now she had been a little pacified and the neighbor was with her giving her company till her son and daughter-in-law came back. The inspector sat down on the sofa, and granny came from inside, the inspector showed the packed ragged soft toy to her as king whether she recognised it, she started to wail out as soon as she identified it as Shalu’s Bunny. In between her sobs she told the inspector that it was indeed Shalu’s toy and she had remained inseparable from it. Before asking anything else to granny a boy who was standing behind the neighbour, rushed past him to the main door. On enquiring the neighbour told it was her son and he rushed out as he was quite upset about Shalu’s death, she continued that both studied in the same school and Karthik (for that was the boy’s name( was senior to her by 3 years. “He has been crying since morning Sir, the very mention of her makes him upset. ” said the neighbour. The inspector nodded understandingly, he asked a few more questions regarding Shalini to the grandmother and left the place. He straight went to station and sent the toy to forensic lab for testing. He didn’t have much choice but wait for the results of both the postmortem and forensic lab tests. He called his subordinate and asked him to collect the CCTV footage tapes from the apartments before evening.
He sat back to reflect over the events that happened since he went to the apartment this afternoon and that’s when it suddenly struck him. He immediately took the phone to dial a number. He asked to himself,  “How, the hell I missed out on it”? He cursed himself while he dialed the number.


To be contd….

Crime Series – Part 1 – Chapter 3


The atmosphere totally changed as now the priority was the immediate medical attention Shalini’s mother needed as she was not responding to the police or her husband. A resident of the apartment who was a para medical practitioner was beckoned with immediate effect. She came and checked the pulse and told the team that Shalini’s mother’s pulse was quite low and she needed immediate medical attention as she might go into a traumatic shock. The police called an ambulance and she was rushed to the nearby hospital. As the husband had gone along with the ambulance, the police had to postpone their enquiry with the parents. The ambience of the place had changed and now everyone was worried about Shalini’s mother.
Now that the parents of Shalini were moved from the scene, the police turned their attention to the name board of the apartment residents to see who-who resided in the Ruby block where Shalini had lived. They saw that the flat where Shalini lived was registered under the name of Mrs & Mr. Anand. On enquiring around they found it was indeed the name of Shalini’s parents, they were Mr Anand Kumar and Priya Anand respectively.                 IMG-20180601-WA0003.jpg
The Police returned to the police station,they decided to wait till the postmortem report came. After going to the station, the Chief Inspector, pondered over the case, once again in his mind. He was rather quiet for his nature. The innocent face of Shalu was haunting him. An innocent life nibbed off so early in the budding stage. He knew emotionally getting involved in any case will not help him in any way to solve it rationally. But how can he not get emotional after all he had a daughter almost of the same age. He pondered over the case in his mind like a cow or goat chewed the cud. He decided he has to ask around more in the apartment. For that the postmortem report was necessary which will conclude how the death happened.
He decided to visit the apartment again in the afternoon after his lunch to talk to Shalini’s granny. He was hoping she would be in a state to talk to him then. He decided to visit Shalini’s mother Mrs:Anand in the hospital too after that.                IMG-20180601-WA0002.jpg
As decided he went to the Sunshine apartment straight after lunch. At the gate he found a different security, and on asking he told he was the morning shift security and the other guard had gone home. On asking about Shalini, the guard told him what all the other residents told him, that she was the sweetest kid around. Then the inspector asked him a question which made him uneasy and the Inspector noticed it immediately. “Did anyone from outside come into the apartment without the security not noticing it” The guard showed him a register with date name and the house visited and the time of the visit. He showed the regular vendors and servants register too. And then he scratched his head answering when the question was repeated, and told ” Sometimes I do go out to drink a tea and to have a smoke. I am not sure of what happens then”. “Is there any CCTV camera in this apartment”? asked the inspector to the guard.


“Yes sir, there is one in the entrance. ” the guard replied. The inspector asked for the tapes of the last month. That is when, they all heard a loud shriek from the Ruby block and all the attention turned to the place from where the shriek came.

To be contd…..

A Big Thank You


Wow! This was an unexpected pleasant surprise all of a sudden. A big THANKS to all my readers and followers for helping me to achieve this milestone in my blog. These past five and half months has been a pleasant journey of words expressed as random thoughts, poems, short stories etc A heartfelt thanks to all who has liked my posts, thus encouraging me to go on in this literary journey. I am grateful to WordPress for giving this platform for a budding writer like me.

God Bless All.

Crime Series – Part 1 – Chapter 2

Thank you, one and all who is following my post for the encouraging words you have been posting in the comment session,  especially since yesterday after this new series.


Your encouragement has added to my enthusiasm to go on with this series. Eventhough this is my first attempt in this genre, I have been an ardent fan of thrillers and detective series. My introduction to the crime thrillers started with the all time favourite of all ‘ The Sherlock Holmes’ followed by Agatha Christie, Perry Mason and so on. Without testing much patience of yours, let me continue with the second chapter.

     The Heart Wrenching Scene

The whole atmosphere was quite depressive in the apartment. Every body was trying to come to terms with Shalini’s death. To think the sweet girl who hopped and ran about the whole place will not be seen anymore. The butterfly who flew around the place just disappeared into the fragile little body who was taken away from them. They couldn’t think about the situation of Shalu’s parents.
The Police went to Shalini’s Ruby block’s terrace to look at the possibility of Shalu falling down from there. Suicide was ruled out, as a small child wouldn’t even know the meaning of that term at her age. And there was no reason for her to do that as she was one of the happiest child according to all the residents and her granny. They waited for the parents to arrive at the crime scene to get more personal details about Shalini. They thoroughly searched the scene down where the child had fallen and came to a conclusion that fall was a hard fall as her tiny head had cracked, so the fall has to be from a particular height like a balcony or terrace. There was no balcony in the side of the block where Shalini’s body was lying. So the assumption that it had to be from the terrace led their team to the terrace of Ruby block. They scanned searched the whole place for a clue. Being a common terrace, there were too many things scattered around. Empty liquor bottles, some wooden craters, large cardboard boxes an old Tv set all littered up the place.


There was a terrace garden too. And a tool shed to keep the garden accessories safe from the sun and rain. The Police had a tough job in their hand. To search for a clue there, was equalant to search for a needle in haystack.They knew they had to hurry up before the evidence was lost because of a rain. They searched the whole place and found a small piece of Shalu’s dress caught in the nail near the wall.They packed it carefully and send it to the forensic lab. They couldn’t find anything much for now. So they asked the terrace to be locked and sealed after them as it as a place of evidence.

IMG-20180530-WA0004.jpgBy then a constable came to inform them of Shalini’s parents arrival. As they were climbing down, they could hear a loud wailing and shrieking. The loud, sorrowful cry pierced through the still shocked atmosphere. Her piercing shrieks drowned out the sound of mourning of the neighbours and the loved ones. The mother of Shalini was shouting out “Oh Shalu, my darling baby, Oh my poor,poor baby, I shouldn’t have left you behind. Oh dear Lord, what wrong did I do to receive such a harsh punishment in my life, how much my baby would have suffered, she might have called out for me and I was not there for her help. ” ! So saying she fainted. Nobody could think of more heart-wrenching words.

To be contd…

Crime Series – Part 1- Chapter 1

A Manic Monday Morning 

The residents of the Sunshine Apartments woke up to a shocking and terrible incident that dreadful Monday morning. Shalu of the Ruby block one of the many blocks of Sunshine Apartment, was found dead on the floor in front of the carpark. Shalini aka Shalu as she was fondly called was the favourite darling of all of them. She was a perky ,chirpy sweetheart who roamed around the whole apartment spreading her cheer to anybody whom she meets across.

IMG-20180530-WA0002.jpgShe was the only child of her parents, who loved her dearly. She was hardly 6 years and was excited about the school reopening next week. More than anything she was excited about all the new accessories her parents bought for her to take to school for the fresh new year of her class. She had spoken about it to everybody who gave her ears.
Soon the Police arrived at the crime scene, and confronted the crowd assembled there as to who saw the body first. The security guard came forward to acknowledge the fact that it was in fact he who chanced upon to see the dead body in the wee hours of morning. There was an elderly lady who was sitting near the body wailing out beating her head and chest, saying “Now what will I say to my Son and Daughter in law”,  “what face will I show them when they ask about dear Shalu”, she cried out aloud. It didn’t take much brains for the Police to understand that it was the granny of the child.  IMG-20180530-WA0003On enquiring they came to know it’s the girl’s father’s mother. And the parents had gone to a neighbouring district for their relative’s marriage. The parents were sent for immediately. The lady police assisted her back to the apartment. Their flat was on the 3rd floor, that is one floor short of the terrace. The forensic team was sent for to carry the body for postmortem. And on arriving, declared to the Police the estimated time of the death as 6 am in the morning. Police started their enquiry around.

To be contd….