The Wailing Birds

Jungle rumbled with the wailing birds,
Morning started with their chitter chatter.
All through the day they kept mumbling and rumbling,
By the time the sun set the birds started its wailing.

The moaning and groaning,
The wailing and sighing
The high pitched throbbing,
Alas, only kept growing.

Left out perhaps, lonely as it seemed,
The deafening sobbing that tortured,
The passion with which they wailed,
Lasted forever as though they brooded.

Will the heaven hear them wail,
Will they get over this pitiless pain,
As the thunder rumbled along with the rain,
Will this end, the wailing which pierces my soul.

By and Bye

Like a wind in the desert,
Like a cold new moon night,
Like a sand grain in the dune,
Like a monsoon in the mid of June.

Taking a moment to look back and reflect,
Standing still in this last few hours of the year,
Today I may be down and worn out,
But I did kickstart the year with a bang.

I did witness the most beautiful sunrise of my life,
And I saw the most beautiful sunset too,
I saw different layers and colours of the sea,
And everything in between the land and the sea.

Today I may be broody and gloomy,
But I know the sun will rise tomorrow,
Perhaps not from the same place it set,
And I know I will shift from this phase to another in course of time.

La Douleur

Pain becomes integral part of your life,
And then you realise there is no where to run,
No words comfort you and  everything hurts,
Looking beyond the pain itself becomes painful.

Sunrise comes so does the sunset,
All the while you realise that it hurts,
The world quick to judge, not witnessing
The bruises you have acquired all the while,

Years zoomed past by and so did life on this earth,
The fact that your days on this earth are counted,
Makes it more fearful, when I look back, I realise,
I wanted so much more, but I gained so less.

May be it could have been worse than what it is now,
I know I need to be more grateful than being grudgeful,
But I cry inside and outside, I scream out in my head,
Who will see the boiling thoughts in my mind.

Alas, the pain gets through me and it wins,
And I sulk and gets curled up into myself,
I slowly crouch inside my own self the cocoon I have,
Slowly suffering the hurt from the inside and the pain from outside.

Random Thoughts Of A Fluttering Mind – Thought 2

People are oblivious to reality.
They only see what they want to see. The boundaries we set for ourselves sometimes block our way of looking at things.

They say we make our own story. But I say, we are all a part of the plan. Pieces of a puzzle. That’s what we are. Sometimes people are so presumptuous, that they think their small victories and failures are permanent. But what they forget is life is a journey, and the journey continues till the final destination comes for each one of us.

Life many times is not simple for many of us. There are hurdles to cross, victories to be celebrated and tears which needed to be shedded. But beyond all this if we are still able to smile each morning we get up and if we become the reason for another person’s smile, I think it’s worth it all. So my friend if I ever come across you in my journey of life and if I could bring a small smile on your lips I think my life was worth living.

Random Thoughts Of A Fluttering Mind – Thought 1

Life takes you through a ever-changing process. As the old proverb goes ‘ Change is the only constant companion’.

Through this life’s journey if anyone thinks you are replaceable then be assured they had always saw you that way. Any amount of dedication shown towards them, all the love showered on them all flushes down the drain as soon as a simple inconvenience is caused to them. Silly excuses are seeked as justification for the same. If a new relationship can replace all what you had for them, then what else can be said friends, they will learn your value in a very hard way.
Do not change yourself because someone else changed. Because being true to yourself is the best you can do to yourself at this juncture.

The Streanous Stream

Like a stream that flows,
Through plains and terrains unknown,
Like the fullness of the stream during rains,
And like the dry patch during the summer.

I too just flowed along like the stream,
Through the ups and downs of my life,
Tumbling, rumbling along the coasts,
I gushed across the plains and terrains of my life.

The pain I endure throughout this flowing journey,
The joy I gain along this journey,
The love I gathered along,
The sadness I left behind.

Life has never ever been stable for me,
Challenges seem to be a constant companion,
But here I am still flowing,
Like the stream down the hills and valley.


Life has changed so much for you and for me,
New horizons beckoned you and I stay submerged in mine,
We grew poles apart, more than ever we realised,
So near, yet so far, wish we never grew apart.

I kept trying my best to keep our love intact,
But how do one show the fondness of the heart,
When everything I did, irked you beyond the limit,
For all what I did seemed to be beyond reasoning.

You scare me now, you; who once was my own,
Frightened to utter anything lest it instigate you,
Love needn’t fear, so lifeless love has become,
Your former self remaining inside me like a etched memory.

Caring is a simple word, but is a huge commitment,
Once it stops the very existence comes to a halt,
Recognise precious people and precious moments,
When it still exists in your life, for once gone, it’s forever gone.

Identity Crisis

Fools are we who smiles at camera,
Yet carries the heavy burden within,
Why show the world everything is fine,
When actually everything is just not fine.

If you feel you needn’t prove anything to anyone,
Then why this urge to show others the false facade,
All of us has identity crisis, but why show off, the false side
Just to let the world know, that you are super good when you are not.

New replaces the old, it’s the universal rule,
Rubbing it on the face of someone, just to let them down,
Is sarcastic and cruel, choose your words carefully, for words stick on,
Even when you move on to the next status with the new ones.

Remember they were one time your only solace,
When you had no one but them to hold on to,
You will be replaced, just the way you replaced them,
And then you will realise, what it is to be dumped.