Our breath — a Gift of God

God holds your breath in His hand …. Daniel 5: 23(b). On an average an adult man/ woman takes 20000 breaths per day. It’s an involuntary action which often goes unnoticed in our daily activities. But if for a moment, we are to hold our breath , then we know how much we struggle for […]

Our breath — a Gift of God

Lost Memories …

Where does these puffed up clouds move along,
Does these breeze that flows guide you to a safe heaven,
Are there beautiful Memories of the times we spent together,
Is there any truth in these memories or is it all a flare of imagination.

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I am left with a scar and the memories are hidden away.
Somewhere along these clouds and wind,
And as the raindrops fall so does the tears,
In remembrances of those days of trust and care.

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Is it just me or is it just the way the world treats everyone,
Is it just me or does it feel the same way with you too,
All what we want sometimes in our life is some love to hold on to,
But if that same love is what is causing us the pain what more to say.


You have become my figment of imagination in my mind,
I prefer you there cause you are just the way you are when I knew you,
Life has changed and so has priorities, you have become descending mist
You have moved on, but I am still stuck in this little corner of mine.


The Pause …

Have you ever spent way too much time with someone?
When you meet somebody, who meets all your wavelength, expectations and somewhere they start feeling to be special in your life, the vacuum what once we had in our life starts getting filled.


Sometimes life is like a road trip, we think that’s the fun, the drive out to a destination, windows down, with your selected common playlist songs, reading loud out to each other, talking through the nights, discussing everything under the sun, eating together, exchanging memories, what we could do together when finally the time comes to meet each other, planning to spend all moments one can catch up with. The list seems endless initially. So much fun together, never ever felt being this close with anyone in our life. Missing each other the moment a little separation comes in between…

We keep driving ahead … the drive goes smooth to an extent but then … Even if we are the most interesting people in the world, the cool common playlist songs slowly gets over, we run out of funny stories to tell, we get tired of reading out to each other, the other gets tired of listening, conversations drizzle down. For a second it’s almost scary, was this done on purpose, we ask ourselves, how do one just keep on going beyond all this?


But the truth is that it’s this moment you get to know the other person truly. You are forced to be yourself in this situation, or as close your real self as you can be, infront of another person. There is no choice, it’s then you know whether the person you were traveling with accepts you just as you are or for what you are, for that’s the raw deal minus all the frills.

Yes it does hurt when once what meant as special is no more special, the sharing of everything under the sun comes to a halt, the missing becomes less, the completely crazy laughs have died down, the instant smile on their lips when they they see you have disappeared, the glitter and the love you saw in the other person’s eyes has dimmed down and so on and so on.

But if one successfully carry on the drive, beyond this pause point with the person besides you, take it from me it’s a lifetime journey of togetherness. For believe me, you both have learned to accept one another and have started to understand each other even in silence and remain entwined.

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How many of you relate to this in your own life. How many got stuck and how many crossed the pause point successfully. Do share your views and experience for a better understanding as to how to go on from this point of pause.



God’s provision for the humankind is so beautifully explained.

Gift of God

I happened to see a very emotional message doing the rounds in WhatsApp. It’s of an old man in Italy, who had recovered from Covid 19 and was getting discharged from the hospital, when the doctor handed him his bill for settlement. While going through the bill, the 73 year old man started crying. The doctor tried to console him and told him that if it’s regarding his inability to pay the hospital bill, he could help him. But the old man said that he could pay the bill in full, and wasn’t crying out of his financial inability, but out of his guilt. He said to the doctor, “you have billed me 5000 Euros for a day’s usage of the ventilator through which I was able to breathe and sustain my life. But, how much do I owe God for the oxygen that I was breathing free for all…

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EASTER — The Promise of Life after death.

Easter Thoughts reblogged. Makes us realise what’s Easter in this current situation. Thank you for this eye opening post Mr. Harry Herbert. May the Good Lord use you more and more.

Gift of God

Last year, on the 20th of April 2019, when the world was celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on an Easter Sunday, some religious fanatic suicide bombers went to the St. Sebastian Catholic Church, St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, and the Zion Protestant Church in SriLanka and blew up themselves. This incident left more than 400 people dead and maiming many for life and leaving scars that cannot be healed in the minds of the survivors and their relatives. But the world moved on, not much concerned about what happened in Sri Lanka as it had not affected them. Leading Super Powers of the world condemned the dastardly attack. But the common man living in those developed countries were more busy with their lives and their jobs and their stocks.

I had then, posted my thoughts in my blog on this unfortunate incident on April 23 , 2019 under the…

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Pardon On The Cross

My Saviour wears a crown of thorns on his brow,
All because he doesn’t want me to suffer for my sins somehow,
I have a second chance in my life, thanks to you,
No one could show a love for a lost sheep forever so true.

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You gladly gave your life that we may live a life of redemption,
To keep us spotless from all the trials and tribulation,
The blood you shed on the cross, made us white as snow,
We have a Saviour who understands us, this I know.

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Your love for mankind is beyond words and boundless,
Access to God granted with a selfless deed to countless,
Pardon for sins on the cross with blood fully purchased and paid,
With those seven verses on the cross for now it is sealed and finished.

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A Tenacious Dream

With my eyes open I was having a pretty dream,
As real it might seem, but it was just a dream,
An illusion of having someone near to me,
Of someone who became dear to me.

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It took sometime to know it was just a dream,
A dream I so desperately wished was true,
But that’s what the dream does to you,
Give an illusion of something so real yet it fades away.

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Things are spinning in my head, that’s when I loose control,
I get scared every waking moment of my life,
Can’t sleep with the kind of spinning going on inside,
A dream so real has got me forget what life was before.


I am on my own, this I realised when I closed my eyes,
Wish you knew what it means to me to be available,
It gets tough and I don’t know how to handle,
When I know it was just a dream and I am on my own.


Shadow of the Moon

Like the shadow of the moon and the ripples which reverberated,
Mind which is clouded with the shadow of the doubts hunted,
Mind which is filled with echoes of the murmurs around,
Like the night filled with mysterious mindless whisperer haunted.

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As the colourless daylight fades away, I sit alone in my dark room,
Neither the daylight holds any meaning nor the darkened night,
Days pass by, months go on quietly, years move ahead swiftly,
With nothing but promises of more lonely and empty days ahead.

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Life is a strive, I guess I was born into the midst of qualms,
Fighting always against the spirits which keeps me down,
Always been misjudged and mistrusted in every stage of life,
Bringing out the rebel inside instead of an understanding approach.

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Always insecure with the insecurities of those with me,
Never been understood, never, when  I needed others to,
All this takes a toll on the mind and my mind despair,
Like a restless wind I howl and howl, I want to get louder.

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A little voice in the mind says end it all, just surrender,
Once it ends all ends with it, the fight, the rebellion, the restlessness,
A quiet little place awaits with nothing but a stream running,
Where I remain like a shadow along with the shadow of the moon.

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Anamika …

Just a matter of time…

How long does it take to make sense of anything,
How long does it take to know one’s stand, before it’s too late,
How long before I see any sense in continuing this,
How long I ask, and they say it’s just a matter of time.


How many more nights I have to fight with my loneliness & sleeplessness,
How many more restlessness should I bear through before I lose it,
How much more soaked my pillow should be before I call it quits,
How long I ask, and they say it’s just a matter of time.

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Too much struggle and pain I have seen, to make any sense out of it,
Too many differences between what’s right and what’s wrong,
Too little time I have left with me to fight against all the odds,
How long I ask, and they say it’s just a matter of time.

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Doesn’t make sense when there is trembling and burning inside,
Doesn’t make a sense when everything I believed in disappears,
Doesn’t make a sense to know I am being blinded and fooled,
How long I ask, and they say it’s just a matter of time.

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Why does the grief looms over like a dark cloud,
Why does the spirit feel so low and down like in a dungeon,
Why does it appear like a distant dream, in which I can’t believe,
How long I ask, and they say it’s just a matter of time.

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