A Thankful One Year…

It’s honesty hard to believe that I have been sharing this beautiful platform with all you Lovely fellow bloggers for an year now. Yes, a complete one year of blogging and sharing of my thoughts and feelings through my posts as of today.


Frankly this blogging was a literary deviation I was looking for when I started it, a kind of cathartical effect of my soul. Most good writers try to create work that causes the readers to experience a strong rush of emotions. I do hope I have done the same when ever my writings were read by you all.
Incidentally, today I received a notification from WordPress saying I have been followed by 501 people to be exact…


I want to thank all of you all who has been a constant pillar of support in this literary journey of mine. The WordPress family and those from the outside who has been constantly supporting and encouraging me, my work and my journey. If not for your love, appreciation and encouragement this journey wouldn’t have been possible. Above all I take this opportunity to thank my Almighty who is essentially the reason why I write and my family too who has always supported me in everything.


On this occasion I present a small Thanksgiving poem for my ardent readers.

A Thankful  Heart

I wish for a thankful heart,
I wish for a prayerful heart,
I wish for a compassionate heart,
Above all, I wish for a loving heart.

A Thankful heart is full of gratitude,
It counts everything in life as blessing,
Never grumbles nor worry about tomorrow,
For a thankful heart is ever so grateful.

A prayerful heart is ever at peace,
For it trusts and obey for it knows no other way,
It is the only way it believes, submitting to divine,
For a prayerful heart always has faith and hope.

A compassionate heart is ever full of empathy,
For the fellow human race they melt away,
Giving everything they have for the needy,
For a compassionate heart seeks nothing in return.

Loving heart is the core to this all,
Love even thy enemies the verse teach,
Nothing more can be hard, but loving heart conquers it all,
For a loving heart can bring pure joy by teach you how to love.



Tweet Of A Tweety – A Song Of A Birdie –

– Song Of A Birdie –

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In the golden lighting, of the rising sun,
Over the horizon of the forming sunshine,
I heard the chorus, of a new born song full of fun,
And it instantly brightened, my soul so fine.

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Sunshine came through my window,
Accompanied by the nature’s choir,
I lifted up my face slowly from the pillow,
To see a birdie on my windowsill, singing a note higher.

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The day begins again with your beautiful note,
You are the true poet hidden among the bushes,
Singing the beautiful notes, which boosts us on dot,
Slowly raising the whole world with a tune that hushes.


Teach me half your heartfelt gladness,
That I might know the song which flow,
To write a poem, conveying my harmonious madness,
That they will read me, like how I listen to you now and they know.

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Being happy in thy happiness,
Ànd being merry in thy Merriness,
You are the hope with the feathers,
And sings the tune without the words.

At The Threshold Of Life….

This post happened because of few of my friends, fellow bloggers and readers, who even though did read my poems, seemed to enjoy my prose a bit more and asked to see them in equal measures. I am thankful, they were quite frank enough with me in what they expect from me. A true writer is one who listen to his or her readers voice or opinion, as they are the reason why you are still writing. Everyone’s time is precious, including your readers, so I believe give them what they want as they invest their time in reading your article. Oh ya I will surely keep penning poems too, for my poem loving crowd and kind of for my soul’s sake.


At The Threshold Of Life…

When one think about life, what do one see in front of them. Are we the kind of person we want us to be? Are we the kind we want others be to us? What exactly we picturise about our life when we see it in front of us in a screen? I am sure this makes us to look into our souls. What we let into our minds shapes the state of our souls. Our faces are a visible reflection of the invisible soul. A worried brow, an angry set to our mouths, a sly look in our eyes may reveal a miserable soul. Whereas, kind eyes, a gentle look, a warm and welcoming smile; despite the wrinkles, blemishes, and other disfigurements; become the marks of inner transformation. We can’t do much about the faces we were born with, that’s true! But we can do something about the kind of person we are growing into. There’s nothing like the beauty of a loving heart. Be slow to judge others. Be compassionate to others. Compassion is understanding the troubles of others and reaching out.

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The best gift you can give to others may be your time. Time management is not about clock-watching, it’s about making the most of the time we have. If you spent your time with some one who is in need of it, then I would say that’s your best investment. Most of the relationships fail because of the lack of quality time spend together with each other. When words become weapons, our relationships soon become casualties.

Physical and emotional pain can often feel like aggressive adversaries. Problems jabs me from the right and left, sometimes some from behind, and to make things worst some problems punches me square in the nose. Temptation to give up or wishes to escape in this weary situation sometimes seems the first option but that doesn’t allow us the vision of the end of our current battle . The only way to face such situation is to face it head on and fight our own battles. It’s ok to fail, but you fought your war and that is all it matters.

I sometimes feel terrible after waking up from a dream, to realise that I am living that dream and it’s nothing but my life. I just got carried away for some time.
Many of us, that is inclusive of me, live as if the pain we have known is all that there will ever be.


See the flowers in the Meadows, has anyone asked whether they are happy or sad when they bend to the tune of the wind? In the faces of nature there are wonders that never cease. Every season brings a reason to rejoice. And I think that’s all it matters…

The following is something I read and wanted to share with you all…. how true every sentence is.
Happiness … keeps you Sweet

Trials … keep you Strong

Sorrows … keep you Human

Failure … keeps you Humble

Success … keeps you Glowing,

But only Faith … keeps you going !

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Sometimes you are not satisfied with your life , while many people in this world are dreaming of living your life .

A child on a farm sees a plane fly overhead dreams of flying , while a pilot on the plane sees the farmhouse and dreams of returning home .

That’s life !

Enjoy yours … If wealth is the secret to happiness , then the rich should be dancing on the streets .

But only poor kids do that .

If power ensures security , then VIPs should walk unguarded .

But those who live simply , sleep soundly .

If beauty and fame bring ideal relationships , then celebrities should have the best marriages .

Live simply , be happy ! Walk humbly and love genuinely !

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The Wild Eyes

Oh, this pain, this everlasting pain, feels like an eternal soulmate,
I want to break free from this lifelong palmate,
I sigh, a long sigh as the sea gulls screech,
As I watch the stars above shining, out of my reach.


Oh , my pain so perpetual, and my wound,
So incurable, which refuses to be healed,
Oh for a soothing reliable stream I waited,
For words that gives my heart the joy I need.

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I have been searching for a trail to follow each day,
I am not the only traveller, who has lost the way,
I had none of you and some of you in disguise,
And most of all I am haunted by your wild eyes.

I wail in distress, for I find comfort in my sorrow,
My heart is faint in me, still i live in time borrow,
Truly, in vain went my distress, a hope forsaken,
Like a stream I still flow in search of my heaven.


A Wave that I am…

There is a footprint of you kept,
In my memory, when you just left,
Without any explanation whatsoever,
Forgetting all the promises of forever.

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Like a wave which I feel I am,
Let me sink back into the ocean,
To drown into the ocean bed of Caribbean,
And let me forget that I was under a charm.

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Coming to think of it now after everything,
It was never meant to last, for you it was nothing,
But like a fool, I hang on to every word,
From your nectar dripping mouth, I misheard.


Don’t mistake my quietness, my naked self,
My transparent self, is not my weakness,
But at times withdrawn, I curl up into myself,
Being a wave I sank back into the ocean and it’s deepness.

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Why Me God? Why Me…

I got so inspired by the following passage, I just had to share this with you all…
The one main reason being that, we all ask this question in midst of our problems ” Why Me God, Why Me? ” .. … Oh for sure I ask this question everytime I get stuck in the middle of a crisis. But probably this passage down teaches us not to question God’s purpose in our life.

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Why Me God? Why Me…..

Ashe was the first black player selected to the United States Davis Cup team and the only black man ever to win the singles title at Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open.

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He retired in 1980. He was ranked World No. 1 Arthur Robert Ashe Jr. (July 10, 1943 – February 6, 1993) was an American professional tennis player who won three Grand Slam titles.

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The legendary Wimbledon Player who was dying of AIDS , which he got due to Infected Blood he received during a Heart Surgery in 1983.

During his illness , he received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed :

” Why did God have to select you for such a bad disease ? ”

To this Arthur Ashe replied :

  • 50 Million children started playing Tennis
  • 5 Million learnt to play Tennis
  • 500 000 learnt Professional Tennis
  • 50 Thousand came to Circuit
  • 5 Thousand reached Grand Slam
  • 50 reached Wimbledon
  • 4 reached the Semifinals
  • 2 reached the Finals and

When I was holding the cup in my hand , I never asked God :

” Why Me ? ”

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So now that I’m in pain how can I ask God :

” Why Me ? ”

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Lord you be my potter and let me be the clay, mould me and shape me….this is what I pray….

Long Lost Love

Dear fellow bloggers and readers, this poem is a collaboration effort with a dear friend and author Alien Poet

This is our third attempt at a collaborative poem together, the first one ‘The bountiful nature ’, the second ‘A letter from the battlefield‘  being welcomed and received so well by all. This time the topic was decided as ‘Mutual Break up’. Mutual or not breakups are tough. We have tried to reflect the pain and agony both the parties involved, goes through, in this poem. Hope you readers will like this collaboration too.


Long LostLove….A mutual breakup.


When there is nothing else to say,
I knew I could not ask you to stay,
This break up has been emotional and long,
But, don’t feel sorry, for you know I am strong.

Alien Poet:

Fate never wins over us,
Won the hurdles that hindered,
Some write stories to live,
We lived to write a story,
That to recite to our grandchildren.



Deep inside, somewhere it still hurt,
I guess we both knew we are growing apart,
When days went without your text,
Somewhere we knew what was coming next.

Alien Poet:

Remember, we not expected a cut,
What I am left without a heart,
I want to live with those memories,
Till you take another birth,
Let’s get hurt much like a tattoo,
To write to the world that we loved.


You were my heart and soul,
You always, made me happy and whole,
All things good comes to an end,
Even the most precious gift God send.