Count Your Blessings

It was a foggy day. The roads were deserted even though it was morning 8am. She stood alone on the pavement of the deserted road. She shivered inspite of wearing a jacket on top of her formals. Heart in heart she wondered was she quivering because of the bitter cold of the foggy morning or was it because she knew she was kind of alone on the deserted morning road.

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She shuddered to think of things she had been hearing over the media and social media about the unsafety of women. When did my country become this bad, she wondered.
She had chalked out her day’s schedule. Waiting for the taxi she had booked her eyes just wandered. She saw a lone gulmohar tree in full bloom. Her heart felt light in an instant. The bloom took her back to her younger days. The carefree days with friends and no tension life. How life changed over. Even before she could go back into her brooding moods the taxi pulled over and she was kind of relieved it did come at the right time, before the happiness the bloom gave her disappeared.


That is all it took her for that day to make her day lighter, the fully bloomed Gulmohar tree.

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Life give small happiness in the right time when we need it….be it a smile from a total stranger. Or just a Good morning wish from your friend or a snug fit hug from the one you love.


The bloom of a wild flower on the road side. Birds chirping their perky notes in the wee hours of morning. Simple things like this makes our life worth while. Is there anything sweeter than the feeling that someone remembers you the first thing in the morning and the last thing before their sleep. Feel blessed for such moments for not everyone is blessed this way.


The happiness one feels when you see a long lost bestie, and the love which is poured on you and the tears shed on seeing you after a gap, the arms hugging you and holding on to you in the fear of loosing you again are the genuine feelings one gets once or twice in a lifetime. It kind of rekindles the fact you still means the world to them, irrespective of the absence of your presence. Are you blessed this way. I thank my Lord for blessing me this way.

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Gestures of unknown people whom you still know in a strange vibe way who uplifts you in an instant with words which acts like glucose gives you wings for the day.

When life’s trouble beget you the Lord sends sweet gestures in your way in such manners. Instead of always grumbling about the things which bother us and the things we lack, count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

This is kind of an holistic way of self healing from the hurts and the pain we go through. Try it.

Do share how do you get over your hurts and unforgiving moments for the reader’s benefit. Who knows the solution you say might change someone’s approach to life.

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A beautiful must read post yet again from a blogger I admire so much for his wisdom and simplicity…Thank you much Mr. Harry Herbert for this wonderful informative post of yours…Happy Reading and Happy Blogging….

Gift of God

‘Jesus wept ‘ ( John 11: 35)

Home they brought her warrior dead:
She nor swoon’d nor utter’d cry:
All her maidens, watching, said,
“She must weep or she will die.”
Then they praised him, soft and low,
Call’d him worthy to be loved,
Truest friend and noblest foe;
Yet she neither spoke nor moved.
Stole a maiden from her place,
Lightly to the warrior stepped,
Took the face-cloth from the face;
Yet she neither moved nor wept.
Rose a nurse of ninety years,
Set his child upon her knee— Like summer tempest came her tears—
“Sweet my child, I live for thee.”

(From the poem ” Home they brought her warrior dead”- by Alfred Lord Tennyson)

The poem quoted above is one of the most celebrated poems by the Victorian Era poet Lord Tennyson. The crux of the poem is the importance of…

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An Ode to Women

Anamika's Blog

A smile on her face to hide her pain,
Everytime she has nothing to gain,
But still she flutters like a butterfly,
Around the people, that adds to her charm beautify.

What would be life without her, pause and think,
For, she makes the life worthy to live without a blink,
Lovely as she is, in every circumstance,
She is the life’s lovely and delicate nuance.

She may be the better half and your wife,
Or she may be the one who gave you your life,
Or she may be the one who calls you Dad,
Or is she the sister who soothes you when you are a tad bad.

Who ever she might be in your life’s journey,
Acknowledge her presence, for she cannot be bought by money,
Treasure her, love her and cherish her when she is still alive,
For who has seen tomorrow, so stop being a…

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Marooned Mermaid…

Dive deeply through the passages of her mind,
Through the warmth filled soul with faith blind,
Hidden behind those brave eyes can you see a lonely Mermaid,
Or is it only me, and all what you see is a fair and lovely bride.


Is she the fragmentaion of my imagination?
Or is she a mere shadow of her own reflection?
Lovely as she is, but lonely too in her own way,
Looking into the horizon in await of hope, I must say.


In my down time, and when I was in need,
She stood by me, just like how a sister would, not giving heed,
She became a friend in need and gave her all,
She warmed a burning soul like a charming doll.


What in the world can I give you back my dear,
For all the love and care you bestow so crystal clear,
I promise you this, in your time of need and in all your deed,
I will be there like a shadow, after all we are the same breed.


This day, a mermaid was born, to bloom and flourish,
You are loved and needed by all, as your care nourish,
May your day be like a star burning bright,
Happy Birthday my beautiful lady knight.


May the Good Lord keep you Happy and Healthy this year and the years to come. Many more Happy Returns of the day Dear. Dedicated to the Birthday girl you know who…😉

Kiss of Love & Kiss of Peace…The Need Of The Hour

Have you been kissed lately, by the one you love,
Did it make you feel as light as a timid dove,
Did it make you feel, like a thousand dream come true,
Did you find the heaven you seeked to be just so blue.


Have you been kissed by the one you love, lately,
Like the grass being kissed by the morning dew so daintly
Like the petal of the Sunflower, light and saintly
Being kissed by the morning Sun oh ever so faintly.


Have you been lately by the one you love being kissed,
Did you realise that a beat in your heart missed,
Did the moment make you feel blissed,
Did you realise, in that instance how you are blessed.


Kissed lately by your love, have you recently ever been,
Did it feel like being kissed by the heavenly rain,
Did the kiss just wipe away all your fear and pain,
Did it make you feel of the love so keen.


If all this and more was felt by your serene heart,
Be assured that this tranquil moment is a part,
Behind those closed eyes of both were weaving,
The same emotions of the heartbeats as joint one being.

This poem came upon me as a result of the influence of Cadbury’s jingle “Kiss me and close your eyes and Miss me”.



I found this article very relevant to the current generation of us with various social activities distracting our God given hours of peaceful sleep. A night owl myself, I thought it is important for all of us to know the importance of A God given blissful sleep. Please read and enjoy the beautiful explanation with scientific and spiritual quotes…..

Gift of God


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William Shakespeare wrote in his play ‘ Macbeth ‘ , “………the innocent sleep, Sleep that knits the ravell’d sleave of care, the death of each day’s life, so labor ‘s bath, Balm of hurt minds, great nature’s second course, Chief nourisher in life’s feast “.
Through these words, Shakespeare explains that sleep is a time when our minds are at rest and the subconscious mind comes out to play. Sleep is also what heals and cures our minds and bodies. Without sleep we slowly begin to disintegrate. Mind and body cannot cooperate without the healing force of sleep. Shakespeare uses sleep both as a reward and as a consequence in his plays. If a character is innocent and pure, he is allowed restful, fulfilling sleep. If the character lacks these traits of goodness, he is condemned to a life time.

According to Medical Science, Melatonin…

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Mystique Love

The rains that fell on my life in the form of you,
Made a river out of the love which poured out of you,
Many a dreams of my night just became extinct,
The moment you touched, my inner soul in a way distinct.


What is that you seek from me,
What is that I seek from thee,
And what is that we seek from ourselves,
Without an idea we flow like a river in a state of oneself.

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Do you know this state of mild intoxication,
To life it brings so much of wild satisfaction,
Never knew that falling in love with a clause,
Could bring my world to a state of mystical pause.


All the darkness of mine brimmed up with your light,
The heart of mine filled up with seasons so bright,
Once again I moved like a deer, swiftly and lite,
Flew, high up in the ever blue sky like a kite.


The window to my soul opened through your eyes,
The wind brought your scent from afar skies,
The twilights turned into never ending nights,
Lead to forbidden mysteries of silky delights.

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