Brooding Blues…

Sylvia woke up that morning with a thought so deep that she wondered how is that she had not seen it coming. Standing at a turning point in her life she knew her choices need to be very carefully analysed. Burnt her fingers too many times and the last burn was a severe one. Life, she felt was never fair to her. It hated her guts and spontaneity of her approach to everything. It could never accept the chulbuliness in her.

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She had to pay a heavy price for her carefree attitude towards life. The lesson she learned very soon in her life was that ‘You are important to yourself more than anyone else. Other’s soon get tired of you.’


Leaving behind her bed she stood near her windows looking far across the cluster of trees and the chirping birds when her phone rang. And she knew her day has really begun and there is no point indulging in the past memories. She merged along with the hurry burry of the fast paced life. After all she still had to stay afloat in the middle of her life’s crisis. And she knew Life was never fair or kind to her. She was willing to take the bull by it’s horn. She realized once again life could never take away her inner grit. She wouldn’t be herself if that was taken away from her. She was born with it.

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After all Sylvia was the mythological God of the forest and meant the spirit of woods.

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A wonderful and meaningful post which I think is very much we all relate to in this crazy running around life.

Gift of God

“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give you.” (John 14:27)


The moment we read or utter the word ‘Peace’, the immediate thought that comes to our mind is ‘not being at war’. Just like the world understands the word peace as a situation where there is no war, we can say that we are at peace with ourselves when there’s no war waging within us. Therefore, the peace I want to stress here is the “Peace within”.


If there is to be peace in the world, it should start within us first. When we are at peace with ourselves, we will be at peace with others also.
Our mind is a battlefield where continuous battles are fought day in and day out. Battle between good and evil, right and wrong, doubts and fears, guilt and conviction, love and…

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Soul’s Rustles…

Rustles of wind in the air, morning breeze brought you along,
Swishing, whispering, rustling, the wind had perfume of you in the air,
Like a morning primrose bloom, the wind brought heart’s prayer,
All the way from far across the land, the wind brought you along.

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With your pretty pitter patter dainty little feet,
You draw a mastero’s brush streak as an aesthetic treat,
Like the early morning dream you make me yearn,
To fly high like you, in the higher sky, I too want to learn.

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Like the sun’s ray at dawn and dusk that glitter,
A warm welcome my sky gives to your flutter,
And as the sun slowly slides down yonder deep,
You caress the branches of the nature’s green to sleep.


The soul heard your song in the wind carried across like a flute,
The Piper singing his song, in the far away land of desert roses,
The wind carried you home back to me in the form of a fragrant poises,
For the time froze and waited for the blissful union in mute.

Passion On The Cross

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A Love so deep, a love so pure,
Like never have any mankind felt before,
What is that I have, that you bestow,
Such love, upon this life of mine so low.        IMG-20180329-WA0006

Weighed down by the troubles of the world,
When I rested below the tree, little did I know,
That would be the Calvary’s tree which would save me,
And Lo! On the Calvary cross lay my Savior who loves me.


What did you see in me, I ask again,
To the one who tells me his love for me is everlasting,
He smiles, a beautiful smile and beckons me,
To rest my head on his chest, close to his heart.


The love of my heart he knows, in the purest form,
For anybody who loved him had to be pure as he was pure,
The heaven came down for me, to wipe away my tears…

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Sound Of Silence

Have you heard anyone speaking with a sound of silence,
Have you heard anyone singing with a sound of silence,
Have you ever been in a conversation with someone in a sound of silence,
Have you ever listened to someone who talked in sound of silence.


Life goes on for most of us in sound of silence,
You listen and I hear what they speak in the sound of silence,
They hum and whistle and I sing along with them in the sound of silence,
And the chorus of the song we all sing along in the sound of silence.


The raindrops fall here, knowing the rules of sound of silence,
The thunder is as silent as the mute following the sound of silence,
The perky birds chirpy in the morning in a sound of silence,
The night in it’s blanket of darkness listens to the sound of silence.


The inner voice within us screamed out loud in a sound of silence,
None heard, no, not even me, the scream so loud the sound of silence,
The wind blew and touched the flowers in the meadow in the sound of silence,
Like the sweet scent of the earth after the first rain was the sound of silence.


Words of reason muted down by the sound of silence,
Whisper or scream all the same in a dream within the sound of silence,
Loud empty rounds of fire from the canyon cut across the sound of silence,
The flashlight beames into the stillness of darkness with a sound of silence.

Photo Credit: Mermaid

Journey Of A Drifting Cloud

The dark grey clouds in the sky, ready to burst any moment,
Are they angry or just full of emotions dormant,
No one knew, none dare to ask too as they drifted closer to their clan,
Hurriedly here and thither they ran before the pitter patter began.


Pulling towards the burden of a sky of grey clouded bond,
Or do the grey clouds intend to stay on safe shores friendly and fond,
Or just pushing away towards a distance beyond,
Towards shores beckoning a bond,only on shores friendly and fond.


Tiny clouds binded the earth and sky with it’s droplets, into the earth it disappear,
Are you the fire which unfurls the melting snow which flows down like a tear,
As you floated and glided in the sky with the wind which blow,
Tranquil your spirits seemed and along you bloated slow.


Journey through the once blue and now grey sky and space beyond,
To transcend the struggling mind within, unaware of the end,
Mind tussles and scuffels, in the vast space ahead endless,
Searching for an unknown cloud filled sky, the heart has an unsettled distress.

Soul Whisperings…

Like a furnace, your eyes adorn, the dream of a tomorrow,
A dream waiting to dawn, in the wake of a morrow,
My breath within me singing a swan song, so soul stirring,
The desire to be something is so much in me burning and daring.


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As a tidal wave when emotions flare up,
Rains in the form of care from afar soothen,
The wounds which still remains raw and open,
Where no eyes reach, tends to hurt, the within so deep.


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Tear filled eyes in agony is a story of the past,
Clouds drift in without warning, only difference is,
It rained in drops from eyes before and now it rains as,
Hopeful water source in the barren land so vast.




A sense of despair has become the thing of past,
Life goes on just like that without a pause so fast,
Everyday, every minute, every second, life matters,
In turmoil is life, future so full of strife and in tatters.


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Long past the prime, the darkness was dark blue,
When the heart breaks into two, how can there be pearls true,
Is there any ears which hears the soul stirring lament,
But I stood the ground, deep rooted and stone adamant.


Count Your Blessings

It was a foggy day. The roads were deserted even though it was morning 8am. She stood alone on the pavement of the deserted road. She shivered inspite of wearing a jacket on top of her formals. Heart in heart she wondered was she quivering because of the bitter cold of the foggy morning or was it because she knew she was kind of alone on the deserted morning road.

Photo credit Mermaid

She shuddered to think of things she had been hearing over the media and social media about the unsafety of women. When did my country become this bad, she wondered.
She had chalked out her day’s schedule. Waiting for the taxi she had booked her eyes just wandered. She saw a lone gulmohar tree in full bloom. Her heart felt light in an instant. The bloom took her back to her younger days. The carefree days with friends and no tension life. How life changed over. Even before she could go back into her brooding moods the taxi pulled over and she was kind of relieved it did come at the right time, before the happiness the bloom gave her disappeared.


That is all it took her for that day to make her day lighter, the fully bloomed Gulmohar tree.

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Life give small happiness in the right time when we need it….be it a smile from a total stranger. Or just a Good morning wish from your friend or a snug fit hug from the one you love.


The bloom of a wild flower on the road side. Birds chirping their perky notes in the wee hours of morning. Simple things like this makes our life worth while. Is there anything sweeter than the feeling that someone remembers you the first thing in the morning and the last thing before their sleep. Feel blessed for such moments for not everyone is blessed this way.


The happiness one feels when you see a long lost bestie, and the love which is poured on you and the tears shed on seeing you after a gap, the arms hugging you and holding on to you in the fear of loosing you again are the genuine feelings one gets once or twice in a lifetime. It kind of rekindles the fact you still means the world to them, irrespective of the absence of your presence. Are you blessed this way. I thank my Lord for blessing me this way.

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Gestures of unknown people whom you still know in a strange vibe way who uplifts you in an instant with words which acts like glucose gives you wings for the day.

When life’s trouble beget you the Lord sends sweet gestures in your way in such manners. Instead of always grumbling about the things which bother us and the things we lack, count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

This is kind of an holistic way of self healing from the hurts and the pain we go through. Try it.

Do share how do you get over your hurts and unforgiving moments for the reader’s benefit. Who knows the solution you say might change someone’s approach to life.

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