Second Anniversary Post of My Blog

Today as I celebrate two years of blogging, I want to take a moment and say Thank You to all of you who have been a part of my journey. It was a great start and somehow I am still a part of it, not probably very active in the recent times, but yet I try.

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This two years has definitely been a wonderful journey for me. I have been honoured to discover and connect with some wonderful bloggers and some even did collab works with me. Thank you to one and all. When I look back, it’s amazing to see how far I have come in two short years. Initially intended to write both prose and poem simultaneously, I somehow ended up with more of poems which comes more naturally to me in recent few months. I am grateful to my readers for accepting and encouraging whatever I write.

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So much has happened, both good and bad, but overall I feel an overwhelming sense of gratefulness at all the opportunities I’ve had over the last two years. From someone who started this blog as a catharsis from the emotional rollercoaster ride I was having, today I find myself much more different. These past two years has had a major role to play. I became physically healed and the last year has brought a major change in my life. Thanks to all the prayers of all my loved ones. Once again I take this opportunity to thank and appreciate all the followers of this blog.

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Happy reading and Happy Blogging to all


An Endless Labyrinth

Reflection of the moon on the swaying sea made me reflect,

Life is always unpredictable, and fragile like a delicate flower,

Head full of thoughts, soul murmuring and lingering,

Mind’s journey through indefinite gripless thoughts and reflections.


In search of tranquility from all the thoughts and memories,

Mind wavers at the thought of being shunned upon,

In search of a luminous path I found a maze more entangled than ever,

At the end it’s the same loneliness which showed some faithfulness.

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The more I shared my soul and love the more empty I felt,

And all the things they say doesn’t take my pain away,

Things once I thought as important made no sense any more,

Life became a web I knitted by myself more and more.

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Smile and laughter has become a thing of the past,

It’s the hurt which never goes away and the loneliness kills,

Harmless as it may seem, but I recognize the signs,

Oh Lord My God, give me the strength to overcome it all once again.

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By and By….


There are days we would clamp together, there are days when we hardly talk,
There are seven days to bound us, which keeps us grounded,
Lost among the days and the weeks the year passes by in haste,
Lastly all the ends meet, one day or the other they greet.


Lovely as it may seem, the season gives way to the other in waiting,
Nothing lasts forever,in this world, no not even you and me,
But the moments shared are memories and will keep us afloat by and by,
We are bound by these memories for a life time, keeping the promises alive.

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There are a lot of things we talked, there are lots more to share,
It’s that time of the year for new resolutions and dare,
Following blindly where the road leads, not sure of the curves,
Not sure of many things but sure of onething, that’s the future we seek.

© Anamika

Floating through two different worlds, along a sky filled with stars,
A gaze upon the clouds filled sky with the moon shimmering through,
Traveling through a dark tunnel with darkness around,
The moon’s shimmer was the only light which gave me hope.


Thankful for so many things, to the almighty with a grateful heart,
This year has been a crazy rollercoaster ride with bumps,
Lost many a things, only to gain a few which matters more now,
Through trials and tribulations, your arms held me and guided me through.

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Paradox Of Life

How can anyone contain the Sea in a well? Life goes on inspite of the hurdles, after the bright sun comes the cool breeze and the drizzling rains. Life in it’s glory makes us forget the tribulant times we will be encountering in the near future. I can’t block the flow of thoughts and images in my mind. I remember the faces of those who unexpectedly came into my life, even the ones I never met but have changed my life forever. It feels like my mind is engaged in an aimless chase. A chase behind the butterflies which flutter away after giving a momentary glance of happiness. Happiness which is glorious but short-lived. In the blink of an eye it disappears from your life like the dewdrops shying away at the first sight of sunrays.


They say whenever you loose something in life you gain something else. I always took this as a Philosophical sermon, to console ourselves or the one who mourns, kind of making me not to believe in this statement. But now I sense it’s true. Now I gain insight of it’s meaning. If life takes away your sight it makes your other senses sharper making you gain in other factors when you loose one. Fading away memories leaves you with warm fragrance of the moments you spent with them. Clasping on to those beloved senses we cling on to them as a gainful insight of what we lost. Now if I hear a sound once, it will never fade away from my mind, sometimes even some smells too. I will start thinking about something, then my thoughts will get diverted and my mind will go on seeking for something else. When I had light in my life, I endured constant anxiety in mind, feared and suspected everything in life. I don’t feel like that anymore. Now my mind appears to be filled with a new found courage. My life is far away from the fake life. Break all the limits. Then you won’t fear sorrow, it will fear you.


And Time Stood Still…

Long lost balance of life, when shimmering lights started fading,
Monologues written just for recital became a long pause breaking,
Too easily impressed by the passionate earnest glances,
Stood to loose the ground in which the very standing lost chances.

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Restless nights saw the burned smoke of the charred chest,
Longing for those sweet shores of frothy waves at its best,
The fog and the smoke made a pact of hiding the truth,
Pitted against the silence of the walls crushing it smooth.

Photo : KK

The muttering winds whispered in the ears of the still air,
Of Things which were not of any relevance and refused to cure,
The blue sky turned quickly into Ash and grey, cloudy and moody,
Far away it burned when the sky wreathed fire and ice making one drowsy.

Photo : KK

Endless wander among the thorns makes one bleed,
The stars turn into mere shadows with the passing time and deed,
Unseen by any, tears trickled down the wind caressed cheek,
The terrible bareness of the soul made the heart heavy and meek.

Photo : KK

The wind cried loud in ghusts along the shore they walked,
Arm in arm leisurely along the frothy waves they simply talked,
The sand and time stood still when the arms were wrapped around,
For it was a moment freezed and etched in the memory embalmed and enwound.



Sweet Melody of Friendship


Friendship Day

Friendship day is dedicated to the bond of friendship
Friendship surely enriches one’s life.
The day is to honour and celebrate Friendship.
This is the great time to let your friends know how much the mean to you.
Poems are best way to describe deep relationships. It’s perfect way of expressing the feelings
There are many things, we cannot share with our other relations in Life. And God gave us the true friends to lean on in these circumstances

Here we are dedicating this poem for the cause of True Friendship. First time collaborating with Mermaid and Philosophy through Photography. Hope everyone enjoys the true spirit of Friendship…


Friendship is a bond of unspoken matter,
Sharing  tears and laughter,
You bring sense of humour,
Keeps my mood a zoomer.

Anamika :
When life’s troubles came calling,
And when my spirit’s kept on falling,
When I wished for a shoulder to lean on,
You came out of the blue with arms open.

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You are my white house,
When I am lost in storm house,
You are just a ping away,
In my hours of May day.

Mermaid :
Are you the  one I was looking for
Who can give me the life to live,

I kept my doors open in search of someone,
Who can touch my inner soul.

Wandering here and there
I found a person after a long time,

Who stretched the  arms for me
and healed my wounded soul.

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I have your back, When you are broke,
Have mine when my sky is dark,
You make me smile,
Being lily of the Nile.

Anamika :
An unsaid word of dedication,
Becomes the unseen proof of a friend’s devotion,
It’s a bond formed with  thousands of hours,
It’s a friendship adorned like a garden full of flowers.

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A Candle In The Wind


To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
To the last syllable of recorded time,
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadows, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more; it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

 William Shakespeare

Candle in the wind is a short prose attempt inspired by the famous poem ‘Life’s Brief Candle’ by the great William Shakespeare. Hope it’s worth the effort.

ACandle In The Wind


She is dying a slow death little by little, inch by inch, getting more and more into herself no one to understand the state she is in. Longingness in her eyes for the moon she can’t grasp in her hand slowly consuming her like a wasp in it’s cocoon. Dying moths appear in her dream so she Dare not dream for the dream makes her choke. Vibrancy in the state of emptiness inside her made her temor within her soul. Her soul slowly getting emptied into a state of nothingness.

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There is no escape from all this she knew. For the Deja vu of the past haunts her todays. She felt the cold and distant attitude of others towards her. Lonliness had followed her everywhere her whole life sincerely than others. She tried to break free from the shackles in her heart but it was getting impossible for her even to breathe. Last Ray’s of sunshine peeking through the cracks made her remorseful of her shame. Tears had dried up from her heartbreaking crying. It seemed like Joy was a word antonym to her. Like a dewdrop which disappears with the day’s first hit of the light her joy disappears into the mist fog of the mountains of her problems. Life couldn’t go on. Stuck to her hapless situations in life she remained in her morbid conditions.


A walking contradiction is her life sometimes dragging along sometimes drooping. Miles she went to see some light, but always taken advantage of her light-heartedness. She suffered in silence. Her voice made others seems like she made a lot of noise so she dulled the inner scream. She knew they kept count of her bursts so she just screamed to herself without making a noise. She tried to empathize and sympathize with others but no one ever cared to know her pain. Wasted away and still rotting away her life for everyone else but her. She is the candle in the wind on the window pane. Dwindling wick in the storm. She is an epitome of withering away into nothingness…



Guest Post Series … 2

I am so happy to see this Guest Post Series is alive and kicking thanks to Mermaid who gladly accepted to share her beautiful writings here in this humble blog…. I welcome you a second time after your maiden attempt in the previous post ‘ Angels on Earth – We call them ‘ Mothers”. Her writings have a rare raw touch to the intense emotions felt by human beings. Hope you all enjoy her compilation. Thank you so much Mermaid for being a part of this blog.



Why one  feel Empty in heart,
Like a Sky With out stars.

Is this the darkness of insanity,
Just waiting for an opportunity.


Why there is silence in heart,
When there is voice in my soul.

Is this the numbness of heart,
When there is full fondness of love.


Why there is a dreath of desire,
When  there is perseverance of feeling.


Is this the never ending journey,
Towards the world of emptiness.


Why the life is overly tangled,
When there is longingness to to live.

Is this my life’s destiny,
Where I feel everything is empty ….

Written and compiled by

Mermaid …

Angels on Earth – We call them ‘ Mothers’

Guest Post Series … 1


Mother – A very special person in our life,
Who Hold a place, No one else can ever fill.


Mother – A very special friend in our life
Who always remain our best friend


Mother – A very special singer in our life
Whose songs still linger in our ears.


Mother – A very special Master Chef,
Who can cook the worst as the best.


Mother – A very special woman in our life,
Who enlightens the meaning of the word sacrifice.


Mother – A very special role model in our life,
Who I will proudly follow when I will be a mother.


Mother to whom I owe my life,
Who gave me birth into this beautiful world.

Written and compiled by