Shadow of the Moon

Like the shadow of the moon and the ripples which reverberated,
Mind which is clouded with the shadow of the doubts hunted,
Mind which is filled with echoes of the murmurs around,
Like the night filled with mysterious mindless whisperer haunted.

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As the colourless daylight fades away, I sit alone in my dark room,
Neither the daylight holds any meaning nor the darkened night,
Days pass by, months go on quietly, years move ahead swiftly,
With nothing but promises of more lonely and empty days ahead.

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Life is a strive, I guess I was born into the midst of qualms,
Fighting always against the spirits which keeps me down,
Always been misjudged and mistrusted in every stage of life,
Bringing out the rebel inside instead of an understanding approach.

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Always insecure with the insecurities of those with me,
Never been understood, never, when  I needed others to,
All this takes a toll on the mind and my mind despair,
Like a restless wind I howl and howl, I want to get louder.

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A little voice in the mind says end it all, just surrender,
Once it ends all ends with it, the fight, the rebellion, the restlessness,
A quiet little place awaits with nothing but a stream running,
Where I remain like a shadow along with the shadow of the moon.

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Anamika …

Just a matter of time…

How long does it take to make sense of anything,
How long does it take to know one’s stand, before it’s too late,
How long before I see any sense in continuing this,
How long I ask, and they say it’s just a matter of time.


How many more nights I have to fight with my loneliness & sleeplessness,
How many more restlessness should I bear through before I lose it,
How much more soaked my pillow should be before I call it quits,
How long I ask, and they say it’s just a matter of time.

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Too much struggle and pain I have seen, to make any sense out of it,
Too many differences between what’s right and what’s wrong,
Too little time I have left with me to fight against all the odds,
How long I ask, and they say it’s just a matter of time.

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Doesn’t make sense when there is trembling and burning inside,
Doesn’t make a sense when everything I believed in disappears,
Doesn’t make a sense to know I am being blinded and fooled,
How long I ask, and they say it’s just a matter of time.

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Why does the grief looms over like a dark cloud,
Why does the spirit feel so low and down like in a dungeon,
Why does it appear like a distant dream, in which I can’t believe,
How long I ask, and they say it’s just a matter of time.

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Silent Whispers

Why does the horizon shrink day by day, Oh but why,
Sometimes it’s difficult to continue the feeling of faith,
Unfulfilled desires has been swept away by the winds,
Wonder why there is a silence between us, Oh pray why.

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I’m drowning, I’m withering, I’m perishing,
Shall I drown into the river of dews, shall I wither in the winds,
When I am lonely, you are my shoulder to lean on,
But all now I see is a bare sky and a barren land.

images - 2020-03-18T212536.718

There’s someone who whispers in her ear, those silent whispers,
When devastating things happen It’s hard to smile at all,
An emptiness pleading inside and a whisper quietly in the night,
Nothingness but the lonely soul and it’s silent whispers.

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Call Of The Void

How do I say of feelings inside, that no senses ever felt,
The lonely soul drifted through the emptiness I delt,
Unhappiness about unknown feelings surrounding,
Longings of some day, somewhere which is liberating.

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Am I a fragment of sound rebounding inside my mind,
Am I the echo of loneliness created over and over in my head,
Am I the voice of my own heart breaking inside me,
Am I the whisper which roars loudly into the night each time.

images - 2020-03-14T232217.918

I sit alone staring into the pitch dark abyss,
When the hopes of life lead to a dead end amiss,
Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard I try,
I still end up with a wet pillow and a silent cry.

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The wind carried her silent cry for help to a lonely place,
The terrible bareness of the soul left me in a twisted maze,
Will this loneliness be my soulmate and never ever will I meet,
Don’t even know where I stand, the clotted earth under my bare feet.

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International Women’s Day

“For most of history Anonymous was a woman.”
Virginia Wool
“In politics if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.”
Margaret Thatcher


International Women’s Day came about due to several historical occurrences. It is the symbolic culmination of both the long public struggle for women’s rights and the more private struggle waged everyday by women that have made the celebration of this day possible.


But in today’s pretext in our country are we women really safe or cared for? It’s been 7 years and almost 3 months since ‘ Nirbhaya ‘ was brutally raped by 6 savages and thrown on the road to die. And die she did but after making her parents make a promise to get her rightful justice by finding out the culprits and hanging them by death. Since then her parents are moving from pillar to post to make this promise come true. But by the look of lagging justice and it’s keepers this seems to be a far distant dream.


India is a country who calls their woman Devi. You can see many common names of girls attached with Devi behind them. Devi means goddess. Almost all religion in this country celebrate them as Goddess. Durga is the most powerful Goddess in Hinduism, whereas many Christians worship Mother Mary and seeks favours from her to reach her son Jesus. It’s an irony that crime rates against women are higher in a nation where nearly 80% of the population worships Goddesses. And if this how we treat our goddess then what can be said about us ordinary women. We don’t expect to be treated like Goddess, atleast treat us like human beings.


At the present rate India is going Indian Courts have a backlog of more than 100,000 pending rape cases. Each day close to 90 rapes are reported in India. The conviction rate in rape cases is just 32%. And the victim goes through the worst period during the trial, as she explains what happened to her in front of a crowd. She dies a thousand deaths before she gets her justice, if at all she gets it.


Stop being hypocritical. ‘Beti bachao and Beti padawo’ is a good slogan but for what, to give them into the hands of those who ill-treat them, by beating them black and blue. A daughter, A Sister, A wife, A mother is not only the responsibility of the family but she is the responsibility of the society and the country. Learn to respect a woman, learn to see them as a human being. See them beyond the flesh that covers them. Teach your sons to respect and treat women including their sisters and mothers, so that they will do the same with all the women he meets in his life. We have a heart and emotion behind the flesh the men prefer to see. We feel the same pain when poked with verbal abuses and physical torture. Stop being insensitive and start being sensitive to every human being you come across. Remember what you sow you is what you reap.


Happy Women’s Day to one and all . Let’s make a promise to stand for each other and instead of celebrating, let’s make a vow to protect and support and cherish the women in our life.


Happy New Year 2020

A year has passed us by. While we await a fresh new year and a fresh new start a small transcendence passes by. Many a thunder has rumbled and many a rain has rained this year. We all had our fair share of happiness and sadness. But somehow we sailed through. When I await a new year I humbly remember all the grace which was bestowed on me by my God last year. So many blessings of which I was not worthy yet he chose to graciously give them to me. With a thankful heart I remember those days and thank Almighty for guiding me and leading me this last year.
Every year is a gift, for us. One more year to see and live every moment. I remember those loved ones who left us last year and could not be with us when we entered a new year. But I am sure their presence and love and the best memories of them would follow us each and every year to come. I take this opportunity to wish all the readers and my followers A very Happy and Prosperous New year 2020.
May God bless you all


Just another Day …

Whatever has happened to the days when children listened to their parents, she thought aloud. She had only one kid, and her mother had four including her. And yet she felt her mother had an easier job of controlling all the four compared to the only one she had. She forgot what it was to have some time for herself. She loved her only son and dotted on him a little too much more than she could care to admit. Sometimes she felt, if he had a sibling probably it wouldn’t have been this bad and he would have learned to adjust. She always wanted another child, but she knew the circumstances and the financial stability is against it. What with everyday rising price of commodities in the market, she dared not think of her son’s school fees in another two years. When she told her mother her son’s fees her mother’s mouth had wide open and told her ” We didn’t even pay half this amount for your college fees, I tell you these people are trying to take advantage of the fact that you will do anything for your lone son, this is fleecing “. From then she knew it’s better not discuss such thing with her mother. She doesn’t realize things have taken a turn in the past years. Inflation was at it’s peak. And the common man had to pay the grunt of all the political mishap the government did.

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It was just a day in her life. And most of her days were like this too. Hurrying and finishing up all house chores and packing off her husband and her son before she herself rushed off to her work place. She loved the time she got in the metro her half an hour of solace and her ‘ Me ‘ time. She took a metro to reach her work place and this where for a change she observed others life. And somehow this kept her entertained more than the sitcoms in TV.

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Life was not exactly what she bargained for, but she didn’t mind it so much too. A lot has happened since her days as a child herself. She remembered how she just wanted to be a grown up when she was a kid. Now she would give anything to have her innocent childhood back again. It’s an irony that we always want the exact opposite of what we have, she thought. These thoughts had clouded her mind by the time Metro reached the destination and she got out and became a part of the crowd and blended in as one with them and thousand such thoughts were hanging on top of each head in the crowd. It’s just another day in an average person’s life anywhere…

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Anamika …


Story Of You And Me


             Story Of You And Me

Like the bubbles released from captivity we flew up and down, directed by the course of wind. Like two independent souls that day we hum all the tunes we knew. Hand in hand and feet hardly on the ground we were free spirits that day. How often do you see two butterflies floating along with a song in their heart and spreading the cheer. Two colourful flowers we were on that day. Life held colours of rainbow for us all the way just that one day. Rest of the black and white days will pass on … in the memory of this rainbow day, till the rain and sunshine meet again. This is the story of you and me.


Anamika …

Jingle Bells All The Way

As one more Christmas passes by and the year giving  way to the most anticipated 2020, one would say what a wonderful year has passed by. Life definitely would have thrown some set backs but it also provided a cushion to land upon. This year was full of challenges for me in many ways more than I would care to admit, but it has given me a lot more blessings and precious memories too.

Thought long and hard as to what should I write today being Christmas and all, then I thought when was I ever a planned writer. It’s just the gibberish what comes to my mind that gets transformed  as my writing. Always have been a wild writer and guess always will be. Somethings are better in raw forms … What do you think?

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Like the Dandelion in the blowing wind, days of 2019 has passed us by and still we are here, anticipating a fresh new start and a fresh new bloom in 2020. The previous chapters are closed; the ink is ready to be  filled in new pages and new chapters.  And as per the Christmas spirit goes it’s Jingle all the way.

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