Soul Whisperings…

Like a furnace, your eyes adorn, the dream of a tomorrow,
A dream waiting to dawn, in the wake of a morrow,
My breath within me singing a swan song, so soul stirring,
The desire to be something is so much in me burning and daring.


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As a tidal wave when emotions flare up,
Rains in the form of care from afar soothen,
The wounds which still remains raw and open,
Where no eyes reach, tends to hurt, the within so deep.


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Tear filled eyes in agony is a story of the past,
Clouds drift in without warning, only difference is,
It rained in drops from eyes before and now it rains as,
Hopeful water source in the barren land so vast.




A sense of despair has become the thing of past,
Life goes on just like that without a pause so fast,
Everyday, every minute, every second, life matters,
In turmoil is life, future so full of strife and in tatters.


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Long past the prime, the darkness was dark blue,
When the heart breaks into two, how can there be pearls true,
Is there any ears which hears the soul stirring lament,
But I stood the ground, deep rooted and stone adamant.


Author: anamikaisblogging

Uhmm! What do I say abt myself. Love to read, write, watch tons of movies and loves music. Educated enough to enlighten a few things to a few some who shows the interest to listen. This is me in a nutshell. Will let out little by little, like the cat out of the bag. Ok I think it's time to let out one more passion of mine, which I as much love as writing, and that is cooking. Trying out different new recipies with a slight variation added of mine makes my culinary skills a little adventurous cuisine.

33 thoughts on “Soul Whisperings…”

  1. Kaas maii lrki rhtaa😁😁 to inta strong ho skta tha aapke poem padh k…….and aapki ye lines “It rained in drops from eyes before and now it rains as,”……..Gazaaab hoo ma’am aap🙏🙏🙏🙏

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hey Sonia… thanks a ton for the response which made my day. So sweet of you my girl to be expressive enough to say your heart stopped a beat. Couldn’t have asked for more from a reader. Have a wonderful day ahead dear.


  2. As a tidal wave when emotions flare up,
    Rains in the form of care from afar soothen….This lines has touched me very deeply !! I just admire the strong determined girl with so much of hope to fulfill her dreams….Annji reading your poems makes me feel realx .But this time i didnt get time to respond ..busy week it was.. Keep writing for us !!! God bless

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh so sweetly you mentioned the lines which touched you. Yes sometimes persons from far soothen you through their words which fill you with so much comfort. And just I time too. Uhmm I can get the ‘busy’ part of what you said. Thanks a ton for dropping in instead of your tight schedule, sparing your precious time for reading and appreciating. God bless you. And haan Inshallah will try to carry on with the writing. Take care of yourself.


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