The Peace Within (contd…) Part 2

Hey all, you all have been extremely supportive and I thank each one of you guys and girls for your, precious comments and response you have been sending me. Tell you what, I am actually glad I didn’t get selected in that winners list, otherwise I would have missed all this love and appreciation and suggestions you give me. Well, I don’t want to hold you back from enjoying rest of the story, so sit back with a mug of hot coffee and relax and read on…

Β Peace Within – concluding part cntd…….

Was he trying to be seen? He asked himself, with the crowd all seated, he stood out like a sore thumb among the elites with their silk sarees and matching beautiful jackets with men all wearing Suits or Safari suits he stood out odd with his simpleton clothes and the cap. “Excuse me Sir” said a uniformed Security person to him. “Please be seated, as the program is commencing”, he said and led him to the chairs in row. He had no other go, but to follow him as he didn’t want to attract attention. He sat down in the seat shown to him.
All were asked to rise as His Excellency The Governor walked in, and he stood up too in his place, that is when he noticed his daughter among a group of people being led to the stage from the side entrance. My God, he gasped, as he saw her for the first time in person. He couldn’t believe his own eyes, she looked angelic with her charming smile and elegance.
In his heart he felt proud at the sight of his daughter standing with the bigwigs while the National Anthem played.

The announcement of the program started and there was a speech by the Governor praising the works done by those who won the awards. And when he heard his daughter’s name being mentioned by the Governor for all the work she did among women and the society’s needy widows, single mothers and less privileged one’s with broken homes. As the Governor went on to say how much she deserved the Peace Award for her work, he was flabbergasted.

Soon the award winners names were called and each collected their awards. Then his daughter’s name was called and she came forward to collect the award. The hall reverberated with applause, he clapped the most among the crowd.

Enough, he told himself, now he can die peacefully. His one wish was fulfilled.

That was when, the crowd heard a loud thud, as if someone fell on to the chairs. She was coming down from the stage as she heard this and rushed to hand over the award to her mother who was seated in the front row. And hurriedly ran to the spot where the mishap had happened. Her quick response to the situation brought the ambulance in no time to the venue. She helped them to complete the formalities and asked them to rush him to the hospital. She gave them her number in case of an emergency. As she walked back to her mother, her heart was restless, the man had held on to her hand when he was lifted into the ambulance and as her eyes locked with his for an instant, did she see a tear drop flowing from his eyes? She was not sure but her heart was restless.


“What happened?” Her mother asked the instant she reached near by. “Nothing Ma”, a man fell down, collapsing, looks like he had a heart attack, he was holding on to his chest. He looked very familiar and was holding on to my hand as he was being lifted in to the ambulance, his eyes looked as if they had volumes to speak to me. I should check on him probably tomorrow. They have taken him to the nearby hospital.” “Yes dear, you should. Poor fellow, may be he wants your help. You should surely go tomorrow to check on him.” Her mother said. Then they proceeded home.
The next day, she went to the hospital, and asked at the reception for the person who was admitted from nearby auditorium following probably a heart attack, as she didn’t know his name. After some clarification with the staff she was told he was admitted in the ICU. She went up to the ICU and enquired about him. That is when the Nurse in charge told her about his death in the early hours of the morning. She felt something heavy in her heart and a pang of guilt for not coming the previous day itself.” He came to consciousness twice and asked for a girl.” Said the nurse. “Who was it, that he was asking for.?” She asked the nurse. ” I don’t know, somebody who won the peace award yesterday in the auditorium where he fell. He wanted to hand over a cover to her.’ Do you know her?” The nurse asked. In the state of numbness she replied back, ” it’s me”. Oh, wait a minute, the nurse went in and came back with a cover and handed over it to her. “Has any body claimed the body?” She asked the nurse. “No, doesn’t look like he has anybody, no one has come after his admission since yesterday”.

She met the doctor in charge for the clearance of the bill of the hospital and claimed the body. She left her address and her contact number in the reception and with the nurse who looked after him, incase someone came in search of him.

She contacted few people and arranged for the funeral. With a heavy heart, she returned home. As her mother opened the door for her, she got in and told everything what had happened. That is when she remembered the cover the nurse gave. She took it out of her handbag, her name was written inside in a small slip and attached to it was a gold finger ring. She was surprised as she turned and gave the ring and the slip in which her name was written to her mother. ” I wonder, why did he leave me this, after all who was I to him ” she wondered aloud. The mother took it and instantly recognised her husband’s wedding ring. Her emotions chocked, she controlled her tears and replied ” Wear it dear, as he wanted you to have it, may be it’s his way of saying his blessings will be always upon you, like a father.” As she turned around to face her mother, she saw a tear drop falling down on the ring. She took the ring and put it on her chain as a pendant, close to her heart and she felt the heaviness of her heart lifting slowly. Now she truly felt the peace, she has been awarded with.

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……..The End……

Author: anamikaisblogging

Uhmm! What do I say abt myself. Love to read, write, watch tons of movies and loves music. Educated enough to enlighten a few things to a few some who shows the interest to listen. This is me in a nutshell. Will let out little by little, like the cat out of the bag. Ok I think it's time to let out one more passion of mine, which I as much love as writing, and that is cooking. Trying out different new recipies with a slight variation added of mine makes my culinary skills a little adventurous cuisine.

78 thoughts on “The Peace Within (contd…) Part 2”

    1. Oh My! It’s the response like this which chokes me. It was not at all my intention to make you sad. I am sorry. But I am so glad you liked the way it ended.
      Thanks for your valuable comments. God willing I will try to write more such heart warming stories. Anyway I am pathetic with the romantic genre. Haha😁….

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  1. Hey Mademoiselle!
    I am sorry for bieng late however i told you that you’re really beautiful on prose and the story itself is saying this.This is an amazing story and if you didn’t consider the prompt then you’ve worked out remarkably well here.
    Ahmm…may be i am in connect with some authoress of future..right!πŸ“πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

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    1. Haha….Prashantt ji aap bhi na! … When I read the prompt, muje koi crime ya horror sooja hi nahi. This story just flowed as I wrote, I had absolutely no idea, how would it end. When I started this, story, it kind of took it’s own course. And ended this way. But i know it’s gonna take some more scribbling before i get a hang of this stuff called prose writing.. .Haha… thanks for dropping by. I am glad you did. Any brew waiting for sugaring coating in your blog? Haha…


      1. You did respond to my wish, posting a beautiful story so tell me what genre you would like to see on my blog next πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰…by the way i dropped a msg to you on mail and i have some advice on how to respond on prompt writings.


    1. Oh Piyush! U r being sweet. Thank you so much. U knw, u made my day. And i think u r a bit like me when u say you imagine the whole scenario in your mind when u were reading this, i do that too each and everytime with my readings and with intense conversations too. Haha ….😁 I knw it sounds crazy and scary, but I do that .
      Thanks once again Piyush for the support and the positive energy you have been giving. Thanks, I appreciate.

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      1. Haha….its not at all crazy I feel and I’m glad that I could match somewhere with modern day greats like you….saying that i’ve nominated you for the awesome impact award, do check my recent post..also Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to you and I hope your day was great and will end great!

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      2. Modern day greats ….who me? No….no.. I am just a simpleton.
        My day went good, and hope you had a fab day too including your work.
        Thank you so much for the nomination, i will surely check it out. But I have never ever accepted and participated in any awards even though I have been nominated a few times like Liebster award, mystery blogger award etc. I rejected them so many times that they stopped nominating me. Haha.. But i will surely check out urs Piyush as it is u who has nominated and I will let u know soon. BTW is it in Pencliff or ur blog?

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      3. I feel if a person can lift another person up then that person is surely great and you’ve done that quite a few times which makes you a blessing in disguise for me.
        Also getting to know new sides of Anamika every day. Positive, Ms. Good Vibes, Pure soul and now a down to earth person too as you don’t accept awards. Truly stellar individual.
        Its in my blog. I’ll provide you the link. Here it is;

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      4. Oh! I am glad you feel, I could be that kind of person to you. I will surely visit ur post in your blog, right away, Even if I am not guaranteeing any participation, i would surely like to see my name in your blog.. And i want to see the questions too. Hehe..😁. Thanks once again Piyush for the nomination and it means a lot when you thought i deserved the nomination for awesome impact award

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      5. I mean there were are no questions as such but it requires an incident that impacted your life in a positive way….I’m wayy too small to give you an award I mean you prolly deserve way more than just an award….prolly a trip to Heaven or meet with the god….hehe……

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    1. Thank you much Megala ji. For such a heart warming response. What more do a writer want, when the reader says that the story is.going to linger and live in their mind for some days more after it ended. I am honoured and humbled by your kind words. Thank you once again for being a never ending support. How is Vinayaka chathurthi going on?

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  2. That’s sad ending Anamika.. can’t bear it.. And sentences were so intense that when i read it it directly takes me to the scene as if it happened… applause for your writing again..

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    1. Ya, i kmw, it just became a tad bit emotional towards the end. I am sorry for that. But thank you Chiru for dripping in again for a visit. Hope u do enjoy ur stay everytime.
      You seem to be interested in prose than poems, as my blog contains more poems than prose, i need to Buck up pretty fast and write more prose to lure you back in. Haha……😁

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    1. Thank you so much Ravi ji. Bahuth sukriya…. I try, that’s all , and rest is my Almighty’s blessing on me. But to be very truthful, poems are my forte….which comes naturally to me…story takes time….but I am training and there are good friends who encourages and help me to grow, with one of whom I am doing a story collab. Will let u knw once it is posted. Glad the ending suited your liking. Thanks for the encouraging words…

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