Crime Series – Part 1 – Chapter 7





Dear readers and fellow bloggers, I know it’s been a while, since I posted, and I am apologetic about it. Especially to those who have been ardently waiting for the final chapter of the crime series. I know any kind of excuse cannot validate the delay but believe me friends, I was so caught up with a whirlwind of events this month, that it was impossible for me to find the time to sit down and finish and post. Once again I  apologize to one and all and  move on to give way for the final chapter without anymore delay.

The Closure 

He was pacing the room after the phone call. Now all he had to do was wait till he had the reports in his hand. It was cloudy outside, so was his mind. So many pieces of jumbled clues. He needs to straighten up to solve the jigsaw puzzle. His subordinates standing outside whispered among themselves, “Sir is busy solving this case in his mind. The way he is pacing in his room looks like he will solve it today itself.”
The subordinate rushed into his room with the lab report and postmortem report as he was rewinding the footage of the CCTV tape from the Sunshine Apts. Even though the fall was quick, and the CCTV camera could only catch the fall from the angle it was fixed, he noticed she was facing upwards when she fell, which only happens when the fall is unintentional or in case of someone pushing somebody down, and the panic and fear culminated with the shock was written all over Shalini’s face during the fall while freezed at midway. What or who could be the reason she had that expression freezed on her face. It couldn’t be a stranger as she had a shock on her face as if she didn’t expect that from the person she met on terrace. “Sir”, He jerked from his array of thoughts at his subordinate’addressing. “Yes, tell me” he said. “The reports you were waiting for has come Sir”, the subordinate replied. ” Give it to me fast, this is what I needed to clear the doubts clouded in my mind, and on your way out please ask the Sub-Inspector to join me as soon as possible”. So saying he tore opened the envelope and took the printed sheets outside. He went through the report very closely and keenly. Cause of death was as guessed, the hard hitting fall from a height. Skull indeed had cracked, severe loss of blood, all combined resulted in sudden death. And as the investigating forensic team had assumed on the spot the time of death was from 6am to 6:30am. All these were information he knew, he was looking for another info, he had speculated and requested the forensic lab to find out for him. “Yes!There it is.” He exclaimed, that instant the Sub-Inspector walked in. “Ha, there you are, I had noticed, on the day of event a closed fist of one hand in Shalini’s dead body, so as not to disturb the evidence, I had requested to the forensic team to give special attention to that factor. And look at what they found in her closed fist a green button. I am sure this is the clue which will lead us to the killer of Shalini.”


Inspector felt Shalini was a smart girl indeed to leave behind the most important clue with her itself. He went through the day’s events once again in his mind. The morning, when they went when the death was reported, he ran back and forth the people he had met during his time there at the Apartment. Who had a dress with a missing button. They had packed and send the button along with the reports. It was a small button, on a close look it had ‘Lacosté’ inscribed on it. That brought down one more option, now he was sure that the button belonged to a T-shirt and the colour of button being green, then the T-shirt also has to be green. That it is when it struck him where he had seen a Green Lacosté T-shirt. “Oh My God! Oh My Dear God, let it be not true. How is that even possible?” He exclaimed a bit loud and on hearing it the Sub-Inspector asked him, “What happened Sir?”. “Immediately ask the jeep to come and ask our subordinates including a Lady inspector to come along with us”. He dialled the counsellor, who was associated with the police to accompany them in this trip, as he knew it was necessary.
He didn’t waste anymore time, he took the reports along with him. And they started towards the Apartments. Once they reached there, he only took the Lady Constable and the Counsellor with him upstairs to Shalini’s home. After ringing the calling bell, he waited for the door to open. As expected, the door was opened by the neighbour,but by now the house was accommodating few relatives too, who had come from far and near hearing the news. Once, inside the neighbour finding him reluctant asked him” Shall I call granny for you?”. “No! No, in fact it was, you I wanted to talk to Mrs: Rajeev” inspector told. He had learned her name from the owners name board downstairs. “Me?, What can I do to help”? asked the neighbour.
“Now that, there are a few relatives here to take care of Granny, shall we move to your house Mrs:Rajeev for the enquiry, where we will have some privacy”? asked the Inspector. “Oh Sure! I was anxious to get back to my house as everything must be just as I left it. I will inform Granny also and come”, said Mrs:Rajeev and disappeared into Granny’s room.
At the house of Mrs:Rajeev the Inspector roamed his eyes around, the apartment was the same model as of Shalini’s house. The interior decoration and a few settings has been altered to the owner’s taste. But his eyes was searching for someone and he couldn’t find that person. By that time Mrs:Rajeev had come with glasses of water for the team as it is custom to serve water to the guests. “Mr:Rajeev is nowhere to be found? Where is he?” asked the inspector. ” Oh! He leaves for work by 8am, and comes back by night”. In one way, it’s good, he is not home so much time. Forever he is after my poor boy, I accept he is a bit dull compared to others, but after all Karthik is his own blood right?” complained Mrs:Rajeev. “Oh, by the way where is Karthik, didn’t see him today.” asked the inspector. We have sent him to my parent’s house which is just two, three streets away from here, as he seemed very upset visibly since the incident of dear Shalu happened. I felt, since I am much time with Granny, it’s not good for him to be alone here. It’s as if he had extremely gone quite since yesterday.” Mrs:Rajeev told the inspector.
” Oh I See. Would you mind taking us to your parents house as we have some questions to ask him regarding Shalini’s death. Before that, could you take me to Karthik’s room please?”. Mrs:Rajeev took the inspector to her son’s room. Inspector looked around and saw what he was looking for. That green Lacosté T-shirt was lying tossed on the bed. He examined and found the button missing from the T-shirt. He carefully packed it in the evidence bag. Seeing this Mrs:Rajeev exclaimed aloud.” What happened Sir? Why are you taking my son’s T-shirt with you?”. Nothing Mrs: Rajeev, its just a routine checkup”, why don’t we go to see your son in your parent’s house. Please I will explain everything to you.” Said the inspector to Mrs:Rajeev
Halfheartedly she agreed and went along with them to her parents house which was a few streets away. Everyone who saw this in the Apartment was awestruck as to why Mrs:Rajeev was going with the Police. They reached in just 10 minutes at their location, it was an independent house compared to Mrs:Rajeev’s current residence. The door was opened by an elderly man, who exclaimed to his daughter surprise for bringing the Police. Karthik ran and came at the site of his Mom, but seeing the police behind hid behind his grand mother. Inspector asked all his team to stay outside and called only the Lady police and the councellor inside.

The Inspector asked Mrs:Rajeev to beckon her son to the near by Sofa to sit with her. “Karthik, my son, come here to Mamma” said Mrs:Rajeev to her son. He ran and came to her. She led him to the sofa, where already the counsellor was sitting and sat along with her son. The counsellor lovingly asked the boy his name. “Karthik” he said.

The first thing which struck the counsellor strange about the boy was his frightened face and hands trembling slightly, she recognised it as a sign of guilt, remorse and fear of something he has done.She knew she had to be gentle with him as he was only a few years elder to the girl who died. “Karthik, will you truthfully say answers to whatever questions I ask?”. Karthik nodded his head slowly as a sign of acknowledgment. “Did you know Shalini?”,the counsellor asked. He again nodded his head. Did you like her, Karthik? He remained tight lipped at this question. Counselor sensed tension on his face. She again persisted the same question in a different approach “How much you liked her?”
Karthik looked at his mother and told ” Mamma, I want to go home”. Mrs:Rajeev looked at the inspector and she understood the stern negative nod he gave as an answer. She told to her son in a soothing voice.”Yes dear, we will; once you answer this aunty’s questions”.
Karthik looked very upset. He told the counselor,” all liked Shalini, she was everyone’s favourite.”
She showed the green button recovered from the grip of the body of Shalini to Karthik. At the sight of the button he panicked while Mrs:Rajeev exclaimed loudly, this is the missing button of Karthik’s T-shirt”. “I kept asking asking him where did he loose it. From where did you get this”? “From the hands of the body of Shalini” replied the Inspector. As soon as Karthick heard this he tried to get up and run to the door. Two police standing near the door in ordinary clothes, stopped him and he was forced to face the enquiry team again. His mother was flabbergasted and was standing open mouthed at Karthik’s behavior. “What are you hiding from us Karthik? Karthik broke down at this question of his mother.” Ma,I didn’t mean it. Everything was done and over before I could realise the intensity of my grave mistake. I just meant to teach her a lesson, not kill her.” “Tell us what happened exactly. Be specific and clear about what you say.” Said the counselor to Karthik. Then she turned to somebody at the back and told ” Give the boy, some water to drink”.


After Karthik drank the water, he slowly felt at ease and continued his narration. “Shalini was everyone’s favourite, everyone had only good things to tell about her. I was not bothered much about this,till; day in and day out when my own father started to compare me with Shalini. You are like this, look at Shalini, you don’t study, look at Shalini, how active and bubbly is Shalini, look at you always stuck in front of computer or TV. I got tired of getting compared to Shalini for every small thing especially by my father. My mother was the only one defending me. One day I decided to teach her a lesson, and the day all those event happened, my father had gone out for his morning walk. I was made to get up my father to practice yoga for better concentration in my studies, even during my vacation, he didn’t spare me. All this was because of Shalini. If she wouldn’t have been so perfect a girl and a daughter, my father would have loved me more. My mother’s words also fell into deaf ears of his when it came to comparing me with Shalini. How I hated her, everytime my father uttered Shalini’s name from his mouth. I was his son, it should have been my name which he should have proudly spoken about, not hers. I wanted to be loved and spoken high about by my father. So I thought I will teach her a lesson. I was so filled with rage.” Hearing this his mother wailed out loud clasping her head in her hand.” I told him, God knows I told him a thousand time, don’t hurt our child’s feeling by comparing him with anybody. Whatever it is he is our son and the only child of ours. He never listened to me, and now see what that has led to?” So saying she bit her lips.


Karthik looked up at his mother and told” I promise mama, I only wanted to teach her a lesson when I saw her and followed her to terrace that day. I saw her climbing the stairs, her favourite bunny doll in her hand, and I followed her, by the time, when I reached the terrace she was standing near the parapet wall and looking down. I went behind her and pulled the bunny from her hand, and she was taken by surprise by my action and turned towards me, and try to pull it back from me telling me boys dont play with dolls. That angered me and I shoved her away. In anger I tried to pull away the bunny’s head from it’s body. Seeing this she again tried to snatch it away,and this time I pushed her hard and she lost her balance and caught my T-shirt and I was angry this time and I pushed her hard and she lost her balance and she fell against the wall and down again. By the time I realised what happened, she was on the ground bleeding heavily, I got so scared and afraid, I ran back home, only to realise her bunny doll was in my hand. I hid it behind the pots in the verandah of Anita’s house on that floor and ran back home and got in to my room and hid myself in the bathroom. Only after some time, I came out and heard all the commotion outside.”So saying he stopped and looked at the inspector and asked ” Will I be arrested uncle, my father will hate more isn’t it mama? ”
The indescribable immensity of the situation left everyone speechless, and the inspector was at loss for any words. He just turned over to his subordinate and told “Take him along”. At this very words Karthik’s mother grabbed on to the boy, trying to hide him in her chest, from this big bad world. But he was finally taken away and thus Shalu’s case got it’s closure

IMG-20180730-WA0005Karthik after the interrogation was presented in court and was awarded five years of imprisonment in the juvenile home for correction as he was a minor. It took some days for Shalu’s mother to come back from hospital, but many more months and years to return back to a normal life, if that is ever possible for a mother. They sold their flat and moved away to another quiet place. Once more the Inspector proved to his department that, he indeed deserved the title super cop.
It was the situation of Karthiks mother which was pathetic, the mother totally blamed the father for whatever happened and seeked divorce from him. Now she is waiting for Karthik to finish his sentence and come back, she moved back to her parents place. She is sure everything will turn out to be alright and the society will give her son a second chance in his life. After all public memory is short, isn’t that what they say?

The End…….

Author: anamikaisblogging

Uhmm! What do I say abt myself. Love to read, write, watch tons of movies and loves music. Educated enough to enlighten a few things to a few some who shows the interest to listen. This is me in a nutshell. Will let out little by little, like the cat out of the bag. Ok I think it's time to let out one more passion of mine, which I as much love as writing, and that is cooking. Trying out different new recipies with a slight variation added of mine makes my culinary skills a little adventurous cuisine.

92 thoughts on “Crime Series – Part 1 – Chapter 7”

  1. Hi Anamika. Nice to see you back in action. We were all waiting anxiously to know the end of the story as you had kept us all clueless. Now that you’ve brought the cat out of the bag we are relieved.
    Congratulations and best wishes.

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  2. You know while I was reading this, I got a feeling that you were late as postmortem took a month to be out. Hehe.
    I seriously fail to understand, why do some parents compare their children with their peers. If his father wouldn’t have done he wouldn’t have been guilty. There was no mistake of karthik, I guess.
    There was, but his father is more to be blamed.

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    1. Haha…. You are funny Shreya, but in Indian beauracracy of administration anything is possible even post mortem. But that was not the case here. I was held up with tons of things.
      And ha yes, it is wrong to compare your child with any other children. Karthik’s mother too felt this and probably that is why chose the son over her husband in the end.

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  3. I am amazed Mademoiselle, i guess you did a fabulous work here from the beginning to the end.Abhi toh sab readymade tha mere liye but i could see how anxiously people were waiting for next chapters..this is your strength prose writing. Forget about writing, I can never thought in such creative way as thriller requires a lot of creativity.
    You know i love reading & writing prose and suggest you to write more such thriller drama.
    You’re awesome Anamika…love to see such talent.Keep writing Madame 📝👏👏👌

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    1. Haha…..I think this is the best response I got in the entire 7 series I wrote…. Thanks, for this meant a lot. I never much considered prose as my strength. May be after you told I shld give it one more chance after all,… it’s one of the excellent prose writer whose work has been published is saying this to me. I should honour his words…and I will do it without much delay Prashantt ji. Thanks for all the sugar rain. 😁😁


      1. It’s your work and unfortunately i was not able to read your work nevertheless i came to know that i encountered to a very talented writer & there are many platforms wherein you can publish your work and expert writers,editors will share thier feedbacks on your work there, i will share with you.
        Sugar rain aaj meri side se..😋😋

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      2. Hehe…that’s sweet of you to shower the sugar rain once again.. ya, will do that once you name those platforms. That’s very thoughtful of you Prashantt ji. So u are not only a published author but also an owner of a good heart and a helpful soul … .


      3. Thanks and more for such kind gesture, you are a beautiful soul too.
        Get register on ,it is a wonderful platform and a venture of wordpress only.


    1. Some thing like peer pressure rivalry in his little mind. Was not his intention to kill her. Not a pre planned murder, but kind of an accidental death. That and the fact he is a juvinile will b taken into consideration while punishment.
      Thanks for the read Mathav. Appreciate it.

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  4. Kudos for going on a series style of writing.. The most essential part of a thriller is the suspense.. You weaved it skillfully.. Keep writing anamika.. So proud of you. You said you are weak in prose na.. Never heard a big lie like that.. 😅 srsly you could write a book..

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    1. Haha…. i told what I felt about myself, that I am weak in prose. It’s more time consuming for me. Where in poetry just flows without much effort. And my heart is in poems. But encouragement like this boosts my confidence to write or attempt more prose too. Thank u so much, i am glad and appreciate it.

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      1. Heard that books name Dirty Martini but never heard the writer’s name. Is she an Indian writer in English? I am thrilled and honoured to be compared to her, but I hope she doesn’t take it as an offence…. Haha..☺ but I’ll surely check her out.Thank u Mathav for ur support and encouragement. It sure helps me to grow further.
        Mikka nandri ellathukum…..😃

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      2. I googled her and got her and guess what she blogs with WordPress, didn’t think twice, have followed her. My God, she writes amazingly well. Thanks for the tip. Deivu seyidhu i remind of her nnu solladhinge, she will butcher us both for it 😁 for she is really good with her write ups.😃

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      1. Haha….lazy na? blog padichu lazy ya, ille lazy ya feel panradhalle blog padikkringla? Curd rice aa? Vadu manga irundhudha? There are quite a few Tamil bloggers. Go c Pencliff you will find 3 tamil bloggers there itself and scribblers arena also has quite a few of them.


      2. Haha …neenge sudu thannille dhaniya powder pottu panna soup kudichavar aache….. haha. I have had their gongura chutney, now that u told i remember. No i have not to been to Hyderabad


      3. 😂😂😂😂 aiyo atha eluthamaley irunthuruklamo.. Athaan surprise aagureenga.. Suppose in future Hyderabad vanthingna please take precautions.. Emergency ku ethukum oru fire extinguisher tank kondu vaanga

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      4. Lol alright.. Yeaa ofc.. I have lots of fav Hindi movies.. Rang de Basanti, Swades, Oh the classic dil chahtha hai.. And the officially first Hindi movie of every 90s kids kuch kuch hota hai and ddlj

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      5. Yes I have seen it.. That movie and Talwar are the finest examples of suspense… Sila movies paakum pothu you could feel the amount of research they should have done for scripting such a screenplay.. Talwar lan Chancey illa, you can’t just take a movie just like that because its a real incident, you have to be meticulous and plus they made the entire movie in a Rashamon style (have you seen Rashamon, the Japanese movie?)… Oops I won’t stop now, since we are talking about my favourite topic.. Movies! 😂

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      6. Haha …go on movies are one of my favorite topics too Yes talvar stood a class apart especially the case being still in debate. Yes the script was well planned and well placed too, a lot of pre production work must have been done b4 the actual shoot for sure and the actors were chosen wisely too.
        Of course i knw Rashomon.Akira Kurosawa is one of my favourite director. I loved his seven samurai too. U seem to be well versed in foreign movies too. have u seen “Children of Heaven” it’s an Iranian movie. Don’t ever miss it if u have not seen, see it with subtitles in original lang. It’s a must watch if u r a movie buff.


      7. Wilson!!! 😭😭😭
        That movie affected me so much that for a week I was feeling for him and wondering about my life and then I showed it to my friends, they slept 😑 because they said the movie was so silent and the beach waves sound made them drowsy..

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  5. Try spirited away ..its a Japanese animation movie directed by Hayao miyazaki.. Trust me.. The movie takes you to a strange part of your childhood that you never knew you had it.. Reserve the movie to watch it when you feel really low..

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  6. Well finished it…. this makes me sad… Obviously comparing own kid with others have a negative impact…
    Parents will never understand this….
    Good one Anamika.. its worth reading… you made me spend more time in your blog.. Keep blogging..

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    1. Thanks Chiru, I am extremely happy you extended your visit and stay even if it is for this series. Nandri. Yes it’s a wrong concept, some parents adopt to change their kids into better ones not realising that it is the opposite they end up doing. Glad u liked the ending even though it made u sad. Kandippa visit again…

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      1. Ya sure! I will try writing more of that genre. Neengalum yennai madhiri thriller and crime fan..o? But lighter reads also is inspiring. And my forte and first passion is poems any given day. Crime series consumes.your time and it requires more dedication as u have to stream your flow of thoughts very much. But finally it’s worth the effort. Thanks for the appreciation.

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      2. I am an addict of thrillers… I used to search for movies in all language and watch it….. Yes Crime series require a lot of patience to reach the end.. but it excites me..

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