Crime Series – Part 1 – Chapter 6

The Freezing Moment 

It was some one else and when questioned the new security told they were always rotated in their services, and today was his turn here. Inspector got the phone number of the security agency’s office number and called them to confirm this information and got the name of the phone number and name of the security who was present during the mishap and got an assurance from the agency he can be contacted during an enquiry when and where needed. After finishing his job there, he went up to Shalini’s flat and was ushered in by the neighbour who was staying with Shalini’s grandmother till Mr. Anand and Priya came back from hospital. Granny came out from her bedroom. Even though she was much calm now, her eyes were swollen from all the tears she shed for Shalini. The Inspector had a few more questions for her.”Madam, I know it’s too early, to ask a few more personal questions to you regarding Shalini, but I am compelled in this circumstances as you know the situation is very sensitive.” “Yes Sir, I know, please ask, I will answer it all for the sake of my Shalu”. “What was Shalini doing in the terrace that early in the morning, I mean she was a small girl and it was her vacation, why should she be up so early in the morning? And how is that you didn’t know that she had gone out of the house? ” asked Inspector. ” Sir, she is a very active child, not like others, she is mostly up and about before 6am itself,and usually when her parents are there, she goes with her father when he goes for jogging in the morning in the apartment park. By the time my son finishes his jogging, she will be playing in the park and returns back with her father. She was a very popular child in this block and goes around without any restriction as she was welcome in every house. I have sleeping trouble, so I usually take sleeping pill before I go to bed, and everyone in the house knows that including Shalu, so nobody usually wakes me up, until I get up myself.”


“By all probability, Shalu would have got up at the same time as a habit pattern, and would have wandered about as she is familiar with all this territories, but who knew this would lead her to trouble”. She told this and broke down. “Ok Madam, thank you so much for your cooperation. Sorry to bother you. I will take my leave now” so saying he got up to leave, that’s when the doorbell rang. The neighbour went to open the door and her son rushed inside, and stopped in his track when he saw the inspector and hid behind his mother, the inspector patted the boy on his head on his way out to make him comfortable as he had noticed that he was very uneasy by his presence and the situation around him. Poor boy, he thought to himself, he must be missing his playmate.
The inspector retired for the day to his home. At home to he was engrossed with this case and was thinking in every angle. Next day morning, he got up early and left to the station earlier than usual. He was anticipating a long day and the events of yesterday to unfold the truth with the help of the CCTV footage, lab tests and postmortem report. He went in straight to his room in the station and started reading through the case file and he was about to close it up before his subordinate came in with his report about CCTV footage. Even though nothing much unusual was noticed the day Shalini died, he mentioned that security had done his rounds three times during that night and he was probably doing his fourth round in the wee hours of morning a few minutes before the unfortunate incident happened. Some morning joggers were doing there rounds and some morning walkers were also seen. He invited the inspector to have a look of the events of the hour of Shalini”s death. “As the Ruby block was one of the first blocks, the fall of Shalini was caught in the camera, the fall was very fast, kind of sudden; an expression of shock was registered on her face if you pause and zoom in Sir.” The subordinate told the inspector.

The inspector went to the computer room and ran through the footage once again carefully and agreed with his subordinate. There was surely a shocked expression on her face. It was then he received the call from the postmortem department, telling him the report was on it’s way and what next was told to him by the official of forensic department brought the same shocked expression which was on Shalini’s face freeze on his too. “What, are you sure?” the inspector was heard asking over the phone.

To be concluded in the next chapter

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