Crime Series – Part 1 – Chapter 5

Ease the Grief 

After talking hurriedly to the one on the other end of the phone, he cut the line and paced his room up and down, mumbling and rewinding things back and forth in his mind. Now all he had to do was to wait for the postmortem report, and the phone call he made to the higher officials just now would fasten up things a lot faster as he has demanded for a fast track result. He was known as the Super Cop in the department for no other reason but for his fastness and shrewdness in solving the cases. He wanted to question the other residents of the Ruby Block of Sunshine Apartment, but now it seemed futile, ahh.. if only the results came fast.
His thoughts were interrupted by his junior walking in announcing Shalini’s father inside his room.             IMG-20180605-WA0005

He looked devastated and a shattered man. For a minute, his heart melted at the sight of Mr.Anand Kumar. “Please, take your seat Sir, How is Shalini’s mother now?” asked Inspector to Mr.Anand. He sank down slowly into the chair opposite to the Inspector and told to Inspector trying hard not to break down into tears “Priya’s BP had dropped badly by the time we reached the hospital, but the timely intervention of the doctor saved her life, but she still is unconscious Sir, doctor says the news of Shalin’s death has left a deep impact on her. Shalu was the Apple of our eye Sir, she was the role model for all the children in our block, all parents wanted their children to be like Shalini, and every child longed to be as cheerfull as her. What could have happened to her? It’s as if some evil eyes were casted on our family.” “Please Sir, find out what happened to my daughter.” He requested with choked voice to the inspector. The Inspector came around to Mr.Anand and patted him on the shoulders and told, ” I can understand what you are going through Mr. Anand, for I too have a daughter of almost Shalu’s age, Shalini being your only child, for you it must be as if the world has crashed down around you and there is nothing more left. But let me assure you, Mr. Anand, this was no ordinary death of your child, my keen sense of perception had determined it the moment I saw the body. Our interrogation is going very strong and very soon, we will bring the criminal mind, behind all this in front of you and the society. Justice will be done to Shalini. I promise you that, you formally register an FIR with the Sub-Inspector and go back to the hospital, your wife needs you near, more than ever and leave the rest to us.” Mr. Anand left with grateful heart and folded hands.


It was almost 5:30pm by then. He couldn’t believe the day was getting over. He called his subordinate to check whether the CCTV footage of the Sunshine Apartment was collected. After getting an affirmative answer from him, the Inspector left instructions to go through every minute of the footage very carefully and report back to him with the results. So saying he left for the day. On his way back, he decided to drop in once again to the apartment,by now the shift of the guard must have changed and the watchman who found the body must have come for his night duty. He made a mental note of questions to be asked to him.
By the time he winded up all his work at the Station and came to the Apartments it was almost 7pm. He made the Police jeep to stop before the entrance so as not to seek the extra attention. That is when he saw the security, who was available in the morning shift, he was leaving as he finished the shift, on seeing the Inspector he gave a salute and stood. On enquiring he told the night security had arrived. He walked towards the entrance and knocked at the security room, as it was locked from inside while he was changing into his uniform. On opening the door of the security room, Inspector was shocked for a minute as he saw the person who opened the door.

To be contd….

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