Crime Series – Part 1 – Chapter 4

The Clue.

Before anybody could identify from which floor the sound came and respond to it, a small girl came running down, followed by her parents, telling she found Shalini’s favourite toy bunny torn into bits and pieces and hidden behind a flower pot kept in front of their house. For a second; the police couldn’t understand the blabberings of information the girl was trying to say in between the sobs. The police pacified the girl and asked her name.”Anita” she told. Then the inspector asked the girl to relax and take them to the place she found the toy. And Anita led them to her home enterance lobby where a few pots of plants like Tulsi, Money Plant, Jasmine and few varieties of Roses were maintained which was on the fourth floor. By now her parents also had joined the crowd. She pointed out the tattered soft toy from a distance.

The inspector carefully picked up the badly disfigured soft toy which was once a pinkish bunny with a gloved hand and sealed it carefully for evidence to be sent to forensic lab. The parents invited the police inspector inside their home, as Anita was feeling uneasy outside. So Inspector went inside and sat down and made Anita to sit down too near him and asked softly and gently,” Anita, will you help uncle by answering some questions. “Anita shook her head slowly and nodded a timid yes as an answer.


“Did you know Shalu”?asked the inspector to Anita. “Yes she was my friend, uncle” replied Anita softly. “And the toy, do you recognise it”? “Yes, uncle it’s Bunny, Shalu’s favourite toy, she was never seen without it” answered Anita. “Anita, how did you see bunny among the pots?” asked the Inspector. I was playing with a ball, hitting against the wall, uncle, in front of my house and the ball rolled away there while playing, so I went looking for it and that is when I found Bunny” Anita told the inspector. “You have done a great job, by telling everything to uncle. Now you can go inside, and let me talk to your parents.”said the inspector. Anita went to her room. The inspector thanked the parents of Anita, for helping to be a part of enquiry, and asked to be a little careful about leaving Anita alone outside at least till this case was solved.

Then he straight went to meet Shalini’s grandmother in the third floor. By now she had been a little pacified and the neighbor was with her giving her company till her son and daughter-in-law came back. The inspector sat down on the sofa, and granny came from inside, the inspector showed the packed ragged soft toy to her as king whether she recognised it, she started to wail out as soon as she identified it as Shalu’s Bunny. In between her sobs she told the inspector that it was indeed Shalu’s toy and she had remained inseparable from it. Before asking anything else to granny a boy who was standing behind the neighbour, rushed past him to the main door. On enquiring the neighbour told it was her son and he rushed out as he was quite upset about Shalu’s death, she continued that both studied in the same school and Karthik (for that was the boy’s name( was senior to her by 3 years. “He has been crying since morning Sir, the very mention of her makes him upset. ” said the neighbour. The inspector nodded understandingly, he asked a few more questions regarding Shalini to the grandmother and left the place. He straight went to station and sent the toy to forensic lab for testing. He didn’t have much choice but wait for the results of both the postmortem and forensic lab tests. He called his subordinate and asked him to collect the CCTV footage tapes from the apartments before evening.
He sat back to reflect over the events that happened since he went to the apartment this afternoon and that’s when it suddenly struck him. He immediately took the phone to dial a number. He asked to himself,Β  “How, the hell I missed out on it”? He cursed himself while he dialed the number.


To be contd….

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    1. What did he miss? πŸ˜‹ Exactly! To knw what did he miss read the next chapter tmrrw.😁. Thank u Shreya for your wonderful comments, encouraging people like you keep me going .


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