A Wandering Soul

Oh! Eternal Sunshine, my eternal peace,
I search all over, but fail to find you,
Where do my search end and lo, that moment I cease,
Till then I go on, in my world so blue.                   IMG-20180228-WA0002

Is this the plan Almighty had for you,
Or are we rebelling against the Master plan,
I am sure the heavenly plan had a view,
And the human mind being- what it is, farther just ran.


Yesterday seems so far away,
Like a faded memory, a stone throw away,
Do I get a glance of these temporary memory,
Of the faded past in its adorable glory.               IMG-20180228-WA0004

Where do I start, where do I begin,
My search for lifelong quest of my existence
Should I start from the rebellious sin,
Or should I just surrender to the will of persistence.                 IMG-20180228-WA0005

This world and it’s inhabitants has become
More and more obnoxious,
No more it has any humanity left for an outcome,
What is left, may I ask in the state of subconscious?                IMG-20180228-WA0006

Without a doubt, the sky is blue,
So is the colour of the faded dream,
But let’s together, find the time that flew,
And let our world become one as a single team.


Moments, those beautiful precious moment.
Having lost their glow with the time.
Let’s recreate a heaven on earth, as a covenant ,
To have an eternal sunshine and eternal peace and let that be prime.                  images (2)

Author: anamikaisblogging

Uhmm! What do I say abt myself. Love to read, write, watch tons of movies and loves music. Educated enough to enlighten a few things to a few some who shows the interest to listen. This is me in a nutshell. Will let out little by little, like the cat out of the bag. Ok I think it's time to let out one more passion of mine, which I as much love as writing, and that is cooking. Trying out different new recipies with a slight variation added of mine makes my culinary skills a little adventurous cuisine.

24 thoughts on “A Wandering Soul”

  1. I’m very much with Shreya Jindal on her find of a growing Shakespeare in making. We’re proud to experience and witness it firsthand. Well done Anamikaji. And also as Harry have said, its nicely brought out poetically. It’s like words just flow out from you and form a very distinct and beautiful creation.

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    1. Oh dear! This is getting very emotional and personal. Gosh! I am just a budding scribbler, and i really appreciate all these beautiful responses i get for my trials at being a writer. I just hope i can live up to all ur expectations. Thanks a ton. Your words means a lot to me.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fantastic blog you have here. Am yet to go through all the posts but with the little I have read I swear you’re awesomely unique

    Liked by 1 person

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