A ‘Good Bye’

It’s that time of the year, when we are all, ready to welcome a brand new year into our life. We expect and hope it brings with it all the goodness in our life. But it’s also the time to say good bye to an old year which we had so ardently awaited and welcomed some time back. Time flew isn’t it? Time and tide waits for none they say. No idea whatsoever about tide waiting for anyone, but time; ha! for time I can guarantee you, it sure doesn’t wait for none. The worst thing, it doesn’t even give us any chance to re live a moment. Now how many of us would want that in our life? I leave it at that, for you all to decide.

When I say it’s the time to say a good bye, it’s that time we are getting ready to leave something behind. For some it can be beautiful memories, for some, it is painful tragedies. For some it’s some personal relationships, for some it’s a beautiful friendships they are bidding good bye to. And for some others, it’s some habits they would like to wave away in life. Whatever it is, it is a Good Bye.

Nothing lasts forever. Forever is a myth, all we have is or what we can call ours is what’s between hello and goodbye. By the time we realise this a life time passes by, that’s all. There is a difference between a good bye and letting go. When we let go, we really understand the fact that we are doing it after knowing all about the after effects of letting go. But goodbyes are most of the times are with a heavy heart. Especially if you have an emotional bond. I remember my younger days, everytime our grandfather came for a visit and when its time to say goodbye and when we see him wave his last wave of bye-bye from far, it’s with a heaviness of the heart we wave back. Even though we know we will see him soon on his next visit. That heaviness of heart lasts for two more days as things settle down back to the routine.

So good byes are not easy. But when we have something to expect in front of us like a new year, a new life, a new experience, I think that mellows down the fact that it’s not complete end to the world, we still have some things to look forward to.

When there are only a few hours left of this year, I ask you my readers, what is that you want to wave a good bye to and what is that you want to let go off. What ever it is, May the Almighty be your guiding source, and you will out shine whatever its that you leave behind. I take this opportunity to wish you all ” A very Happy New Year”.

Author: anamikaisblogging

Uhmm! What do I say abt myself. Love to read, write, watch tons of movies and loves music. Educated enough to enlighten a few things to a few some who shows the interest to listen. This is me in a nutshell. Will let out little by little, like the cat out of the bag. Ok I think it's time to let out one more passion of mine, which I as much love as writing, and that is cooking. Trying out different new recipies with a slight variation added of mine makes my culinary skills a little adventurous cuisine.

15 thoughts on “A ‘Good Bye’”

  1. Thank u so much Saranya. That’s a reall inspiration to go on for a new blogger who is taking baby steps towards the goal. Happy New Year to u too.
    Could u guide me as to what should i do for accepting the nomination of this award. Thanks once again.

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  2. Wow ! Great thought there, goodby versus letting it go,both are tough and both need a strong heart to withstand,at least in ‘letting it go’ situation you know the eventuality,……but in saying ‘goodby’….a tough job indeed..In this situation,the strong heart which wants to be stoney……starts melting like ice,with tears rolling from the eyes without any inhibition.
    Great Reading on this Sunday.
    So how was the year 2018 to you.Kind ? Harsh? In between ?
    What wishes of your 2017 fulfilled in 2018 ? How do you look and plan for 2019 ?
    Any guest lectures you are to deliver in prestigious institutes ?

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    1. So, here you are…. definetly looks like you don’t want much to be unread in this blog… Am I that interesting for you .. ..to persuasively read into me through my writing or you must be smitten by my way of expressing my rumblings…
      which ever it may be, I am extremely honoured by the theevra effort you seem to be taking Sridhar ji.
      I think 2018 was fair enough.. .No complaints whatsoever from 2018. In fact I feel this year in comparison was much better than my last 3 years. 2017 and 2016 was a bit hard on me I felt.
      Each year comes in our life with a lesson and a purpose and leaves us wiser and sometimes in shatters or sometimes gives us those precious moments which becomes a sweet memory in our life. So every year need to be appreciated.
      Uhmm 2019… is an year of anticipation and hope for the betterment of my self. Every year is a gift given to us by the Almighty. This very realisation would teach us to love every minute of our life.
      As to guest lecturing, han Harvard and Standford has invited… But I was thinking I will pass on the opportunity to you, as in every sense you are good at such matters. Poringe thaane?
      How was the year 2018 for you? If given a chance (of course hypothetically) to relive 2018 what would be the things u want to change? And what would u keep intact just the same way it is.?
      What is it you are looking for in 2019?

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      1. Yeah,definately you are interesting ,courtesy your posts,the way you think,the way you express,the way you interact with your followers,the depth of the feelings in your poetry….Two are three which I read so far… ( remember you said poetry is not like.. prose and it evolves from the bottom of the heart whether it is a sad part or happy part….and it takes time to write a poetry unlike prose ),
        you know …I never used to read the blog articles with nothing but poetry,this is not my fault,since I know nothing.. and not my taste..but your persuation made me atleast have a glance and lo…here I am.
        And the strange part is on the two occassions I imagined my self in that character of your poetry,and I felt the real and heavy part of the sadness,( I wish none should be in that situation)

        Ummm..The year 2018 is kind to me and I am hopeful 2019 will bring some changes for betterment of life,
        For the new year,no demands from God (He is always not just kind but generous too),let the life continue without any anxiety and let everyones health atits best.

        Not sure we all can join together to make this world better place….and how long it will take…

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      2. Uhmm…so 2018 seems fair to you too. And lets just hope 2019 also does the same fairness to all.
        Ya, i knw you didn’t much read the poems and avoided such blogs for initially you did visit me and then disappeared, but somehow the unseen string from up above made us meet again in a strange way we visited each others blog once again, but this time we were a tad patient with each other and as a result here we are. ..


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