Sweet Memories

Good old days of memories past,
Comes like butterflies in the wind,
Brushing your cheeks with their lips so kind,
With tender kisses ever so light.

It reminds you of the days past,
When the heart was so light,
The days when you had butterflies in your stomach,
Everytime the wind blew, gave a heart ache.

Gone are those good days in life ,
But when the wind of the old days blew again,
Did the heart skip a beat once  again?
Did the butterflies in stomach come alive?

Oh, you brought the feeling back,
Of long forgotten days, of past
Now, why do this happen ever so fast,
When the wind kisses my cheek.

Oh, Good days of memories past,
Slow down, take a breath which last,
For this moment might not last,
So, enjoy this few memoirs of the past.




Author: anamikaisblogging

Uhmm! What do I say abt myself. Love to read, write, watch tons of movies and loves music. Educated enough to enlighten a few things to a few some who shows the interest to listen. This is me in a nutshell. Will let out little by little, like the cat out of the bag. Ok I think it's time to let out one more passion of mine, which I as much love as writing, and that is cooking. Trying out different new recipies with a slight variation added of mine makes my culinary skills a little adventurous cuisine.

69 thoughts on “Sweet Memories”

    1. It was published in the initial stages, so very little exposure, so probably I should reblog many of my early works here. Glad u gave an invitation to be a part of this community blog. This has given a new lease of life to my early posts.

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  1. Short & Sweet ! Just like sweet memories supposed to be.
    The best thing about memories is making them ! ‘unknown’
    So best thing will be to keep these(sweet) memories as a treasure and keep them in the heart forever.
    Time kadacha more and more poetry dig panni,Thesis ezhudi, Phd koodiseeghrame wanganam.Yaravudu Waltungale !!

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    1. Ok tdy my deal for you… Alan Walker’s… Faded
      You remember you had given a Israeli song ” Hava nagila”
      I saw the same song by an Indian band and.they were too good even better than the original, the background score and the drums are really mind blowing.. .wanted to share the link with you too. Just watch, i am sure u will enjoy, but still let me knw ur opinion too. Try the link.

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      1. I am not aware of AlanWalker.Sure I shall give feedback tomorrow.GN my friend.It appears u r very tired of your heavy work load to day.Just relax and have a wonderful night.Read my blog post about Sleep God,if you have already read it’s ok


      2. GM.Just now finished listening to the song.A very deep meaning indeed.Light,shadow,searching for the source,Atlantis,deep dive,……. sometimes I felt…..she is trying to convey heartbreaking feelings… Enjoyed listening.Good selection.Royal house taste and standards indeed!
        Today’s deal-3 degrees-when will I see u again.Ofcourse…this is an old song…You must be be a kid at that time…


      3. Heard 3 degrees. ..When will I see u again …simple yet sweet song. That song is not when I was a kid but it’s a bit before my being born also.. but that doesn’t stop one from enjoying a beautiful song… does it. Tdy being a Friday, i thought I will give you a pep party song but the beat is not loud and the lyrics are good too.
        “Asher Monroe’s. ..Here with you.”
        Hope you like it. Something tells me, you will sway along with the song. Tell me you, whether was it to your taste. ..
        How is the day progeessing ? Sab teek tho hein na? Please have lunch on time too .


      4. Janab…acchhi lagti hai,aap ke Uttar padnekebaad…Glad you like 3 degrees.
        Let me get back you after listening to the weekend song.
        Yet to check the Havanagila link you gave.
        Jo movie you recommended…can you tell again.Please ….Iam not able to trace in WP comments.Gayab ?? Not sure.
        Disturb to nai Kiya ??

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      5. For you it’s tiny,but mereko ,friend in need is friend indeed.Ok chodo buddemian ki dialogues.Your compassionate at its best.Lucky are the ones who are blessed to have good friends.Koncham jaastia tonutcha? It ok . Unfortunately we don’t have Mannichudunge language.

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    2. Wah…wah…vazhthukkal ..podhuma.
      Glad u read this poem. .this is one of my poem about my beautiful memory of my past.
      Yes memories are the only things which never changes nor leaves us. They always stay sincere to us. Hope u understood it and doesn’t require any analysis from me.
      Love to see you enjoying poems. Expect a poem by nxt year.

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      1. Call me Ana…if u don’t like it, u can fix up some name by which u prefer to call me.
        And ab Janab what shld I address you, aapne abhi thak nahi bathaya….please woh bhi bhol dho
        Thank God. .for once the serious doc laughed and that too heartfelt laugh. ….So indeed its a Yippee Friday.

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    1. Haha…true.. true…but rare incident for me… i mean shopping spree.
      Ok your deal for the day.. .
      “Complicated heart by MLTR”..
      Did you like strday’s party pep song Here with you..
      How is your day proceeding Sri? Hope you have had your lunch by now.
      Do take care and my hi to your Lady staffs…the one who notes your blushing.. …

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      1. Surprising… for any lady not to go for the shopping spree especially during festival season !
        Enjoyed listening to the ‘here with you’ asher monroe.Perfect for the party goers like you.
        Sure to go through MLTR ( 2 nd time being recommended ) and get back to you.
        So so busy.
        Khaana hamesha earlyPahele.Duty baadme!! Health first.then only responsibility na !
        When I conveyed your Hi to my staff…many of them… got surprised and ippo ellarume poti .Ennanu ketta,unge paakanuma !Unmayile ninge adisiya sakti ! I showed them your faceless logo.Now they are hell bent on to see you personally !

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      2. Haha..that’s sweet of them….tell them insha allah ..if God wills.
        Good to know you take care of your health before everything.
        Neenge yennai pathi niraya thappu thappa yosichirukkinge. I am not a party person at all. Infact I shy away from all that. Shopping for the festive season all long back finished.
        Yes MLTR will be more often repeated as.they are my favourite band.
        Glad you had a good day Sri…As the day is ending I wish you a peaceful night.


      3. GM Ana,loved the MLTR song.Sad story,but true love expressed in sincerity.It just reminded my my latest post….. Strange coincidence !
        To day’s deal- you are my heart you are my soul by Modern Talking…a bit old number,not sure you knew already.
        Have pleasant and relaxing Sunday

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      4. Today’s my pick for you is MLTR and Phoebe Yang – Eternal Love. It’s a rare combination song where a.Chinese and English languages where mixed together to sing a song and it’s a visual treat too.
        Oh mltr- complicated heart and your latest post has a link. Then I have to see it soon. By the way a little remembrance of school days done in a collab work is waiting for ur visit too in my blog. If time permits drop in.
        Hope your Sunday is going smooth.
        Mine busy.with Christmas preparation.
        And my regards to your beautiful Lady staffs…(or is it staff).
        Take care Sri…
        And lunch on time please. Do drop in few lines if and when you are free.


      5. Sure to go through your pick,and it has visual treat too.Superb !!

        Great feeling,when we all recollect school days.Always my pleasure to visit the post.

        Sunday is great and our advanced Happy Christmas Wishes to you all.
        Just relax though Sunday is busy because of Christmas.
        My Sunday is full of energy because of your witty responses,thanks to your trade mark.
        And who can forget the Sunflower symbol,displayed in the mobile,one forgets sorroundings because of the Nature’s beauty and flow of energy.
        You seem to have decided not to forget my staff,and you decided they are beautiful,from a distance !.You are amazing !
        Lunch on time….Nandri chollakudathu illiya !
        Dropping few lines …..is always as fresh as breathing fresh air…..poet aarathuku koncham konchamaa taguthi vardunu nenikiren…Sabash…Self praising!

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      6. Advanced Christmas wishes to you too as it is ok to celebrate a seasonal festival. Your tdy’s song you are my heart you are my soul by Modern Talking…was too good. I really enjoyed it and i saw both the version, the old and the new. And each time I enjoyed the peppy number more and beautiful lyrics too.
        Glad you are enjoying your aaram se Sunday. ..and glad to knw the sunflower brightens the day for you. I am honoured, aap tho kabhi …….kabhi muje sirr pe baita dethe ho.
        Han, yes i knw your lady staff is beautiful ,for God never makes a mistake, everyone is.beautiful in their own way. And ya she will always be remembered too, for unknowingly a bond has developed between us through you. Ain’t i right Sri?
        Ok aaram se dekh lena, I am going to your blog…so see you soon there.
        And ha by nxt year at least a kutti attempt at being a poet shld b there from your side. And you always have me to help you. So make use of your available resources and just jump into the ocean of words.

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      7. GM Ana, Christmas is a great day to celebrate and spread joy and happiness everywhere.

        I love those wonderful decoration s and lighting especially in Churches and Was allowed to have a few clicks too ,not now ,2 yrs back.

        I listened to MLTR along with the Chinese girl.She is sweet with her expression.The concept was new to me and I enjoyed both guys,one on earth ,the other from sky.Song lyrics meaningful and I felt It reminded One of ones marriage vows.Superb visual treat.
        It’s my pleasure to read your post about school days.Who doesn’t like school days.?

        Looks like there is a little confusing regarding the word ‘ beautiful’.I agree with what you said.For me, beautiful is not just appearance,but also…. sincerity, compassionate,affectionate and caring.This we require in my field of work.This is what I expect from people who work along with me.ok lecture pothum..

        99.9999% you are right in your opinion.
        Let your word come true regarding poetry angle courtesy Ana.
        Available resources irukumbothu. .why fear ?
        To day’s deal-
        When I needed most- Randy van warmer
        Have a great Mesmerising Monday.

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      8. Hey Sri, thodi dheri hogayi reply dhene mein…My tdy’s deal is One Love by Blue…….its a beautiful song and I am sure you will like it. I am yet to listen to your song …
        Yes you are right about the definition of beauty. The physical beauty fades with time, only the beauty which is encrypted through the virtues you told remains and the soul…
        My hello to the Angel with this virtues there.
        Take care ..Do reply back if you are free otherwise I understand….

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      9. A aa…..memory appappo kammi aagudu.forgetting the deal….dheri hogayi etc.namma mozhile illeye.
        Advance aagi naan intha song ippo ketten (Blue Song).Nice.Unmayile universal love ellaru follow Panna evalavu nallairukkum.
        Happy Christmas.Thirupi tomorrow wish pannaporom.
        Time kadacha respond.

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  2. Hi Ana,GA.paruvaille.Taking trouble to reply inspite of time being past midnight……nan ……., appreciate.
    To day’s deal
    Besame Mucho by Andrea Bocelli.
    Amazing song. Sung by many stalwarts.
    Notice the intensity of the expression of the singer and the feeling….again when they are going to meet….

    Besame mucho Andrea Bocelli

    How is the day ? Saapadu over? Timekadacha pesunge.

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      1. Hi, Ana,Good morning.
        Lovely lyrics- white horse.Looks like by the time prince realises it is too late…..To some extent sad story but lyrics too good.
        My to day’s deal- Lobo- I’d love you to want me.
        Early to bed and early to rise is good for health- Age old advice,
        Some body needs to follow strictly.
        Have a great LAST SUNDAY of 2018 !

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      2. Hey Sri …Besame Mucho by Andrea Bocelli was such a soothing music and so wonderful to listen to. And the into you sent was inspiring that, no matter how many problems you encounter in life, if you are passionate about something about life it shld be followed. The blindness never restricted him from creating such beautiful compositions.
        I am so glad you shared his music and the into about him with me.
        Haha….the age old advice yes I knw and reminder about it acknowledged.
        My tdy’s song for you is Celine Dione ” A new day has come”.
        Good night Sri.


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